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Ray Dalio: How COVID-19 Will Impact Markets, Policy And Beyond

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Bloomberg Editor-at-Large Erik Schatzker talks with famed American investor and Bridgewater Associates Founder, Ray Dalio. Together they discuss the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on markets, bonds, and longer-term implications he sees for inflation, trade, globalization, and fiscal policy.

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Bloomberg Markets and Finance photo 1 Ray Dalio: How COVID-19 Will... Bloomberg Markets and Finance photo 2 Ray Dalio: How COVID-19 Will... Bloomberg Markets and Finance photo 3 Ray Dalio: How COVID-19 Will... Bloomberg Markets and Finance photo 4 Ray Dalio: How COVID-19 Will...

Everyone should be ready to get their holes filled by the Fed

by BMK 6 months ago

I don't want to be a jerk, but this was a truly uncomfortable, if not terrible interview to watch. Perhaps the interviewer could not interrupt, become more cognizant of his facial expressions and gaping mouth, and I don't know, actually let the expert he's interviewing share what he came to share next time. Yikes.

by Jennifer O Duran 6 months ago

we need Ray Dalio in Joe Rogan Podecast so he can talk without filters

by TheMaximmas 6 months ago

Interviewer asked him a good question and then lost patience and interrupted and derailed Ray's answer at . I wanted to hear Ray's Answer not the interviewer's interruption.

by Jim Sullivan 6 months ago

Ray is a master in not giving a concrete answer and answer a question with a fundamental question.

by Guus van der meulen 6 months ago

when ray talks he seems like it is two people that agree with each other having a conversation

by Kent Nimmo 6 months ago

Love the confused face of the editor sometimes ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚

by Rob Dan 6 months ago

The awkwardness as a result of internet delays is hilarious

by Sophia Yao 6 months ago

Poor Ray, he can't get a word in edgeways... as usual. Good luck to all, this is gonna be a long old slog.

by Matthew Walker 6 months ago

Can you let the man talk?! how hard is it to shut up and listen?! You do realize you are talking to one of the brightest minds alive, he knows what to say!

by Mani Ahmadi Arsham 6 months ago

Even if you don't like gold, these economic conditions makes it stand out from the rest. If you thought the 2.3 trillion package was huge, wait till you get aprils results next month after the ones that came out for march yesterday (remember there wasn't a lockdown for the whole of march). This 2.3 trillion package is chicken feed compared to what the FED will have to print before the end of the year. You won't be able to say Monopoly money anymore that being an insult to the games owner.

by Christian MULLER 6 months ago

Thereโ€™s always a choice ray

by Yadin 6 months ago

Erik did a great job at listening in this interview

by theSven.Johnson 6 months ago

Very few interviewers can understand what Ray is actually saying.

by Texas Discount Land 6 months ago

Erik is very switched on, great interviewer, best there is on financial markets, but Ray was very very vague here. Either Bridgewater is still taking positions, or Ray is legitimately confused on what asset classes will perform well. Long gold was the only thing he said here, which is what he has been saying for years. EM being hit hard was also mentioned, but that is already priced into their currencies, MXN peso, South African ZAR etc, is it fully priced? We didn't get there in this interview.

by Matt Comb 6 months ago

he looks like Bill Maher and Jimmy from Better Call Saul lol.....

by Slickpete83 6 months ago

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