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Plosser: Was 'a Bit Disappointed' With Fed's Statement

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Sep.16 -- Former Philadelphia Federal Reserve President Charles Plosser discusses the central bank's policy and the outlook for the economy. Fed officials held interest rates near zero and signaled they would stay there for at least three years, vowing to delay tightening until the U.S. gets back to maximum employment and 2% inflation. Plosser speaks on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia."

Bloomberg Markets and Finance photo 1 Plosser: Was 'a Bit Disappointed'... Bloomberg Markets and Finance photo 2 Plosser: Was 'a Bit Disappointed'... Bloomberg Markets and Finance photo 3 Plosser: Was 'a Bit Disappointed'... Bloomberg Markets and Finance photo 4 Plosser: Was 'a Bit Disappointed'...

All actors on television reading off scripts playing their roles

by Street jesus 1 week ago

They say this bs. Because they are expecting inflation far far far above 2%. This is to create illusion fed is in control of high inflation

by HedgeOwl Invest 1 week ago

trump: Tell them something, give them something, make it perfect...fake it.

by 2NDARY B18C1 1 week ago

"What is going to change?" When the money supply doubles, prices double (not exactly, but close enough)

by William Andrews 1 week ago

The Fed says whatever Trump wants them to say. These government officials are corrupt to the core!!

by Thomas Smith 1 week ago

Liquidity as far as the eye can see... almost like they're taking their cues from China's weather this year.

by dlwatib 1 week ago

The FED news was great! this is the MATRIX. excuses to dump on retail investors.

by Toddler TV 1 week ago

Hillary’s space x made it to the dragon 🐉 capsule

by Darlene Dubey 1 week ago

Inclusive? We really need more Federal employees to play with toy cars on Mars.

by William Andrews 1 week ago

inflation is already up. just look at food and healthcare prices

what are they talking about? hyperinflation?

by Beck Ho 1 week ago

Fox 🦊 Ansley pushes lbgtq United church ⛪ of Christ gospel riseup Obama’s lbgtq church ⛪

by Darlene Dubey 1 week ago

Powell (a lawyer) and the Fed Reserve will ensure that the elite will be able to borrow $Trillions at interest rates less than inflation.

by William Andrews 1 week ago

Anyone who thinks we have low inflation needs to take a stroll to their nearest grocery store.

by Akash 1 week ago

We need hidden police so we don’t waste the feds time

by Joe R Biden Jr 1 week ago

Ever notice how old white dudes babble on and on about nothing ?

by Rod McDonald 1 week ago

You will know the truth 📖 and the truth will set you free. Free from the world the flesh and the devil, 💀🔥 Visual Bible movies 🎥, and audio bible nkjv on YouTube !!!
We must be willing to turn from sin to receive Jesus forgiveness , and to know and live out his teachings. He who does the will of God abides for eternity 1 John .

by chief 1 redwolf 1 week ago

Imagine if you will a world in which Nancy Pelosi's hair salon has better Video surveillance than they would
in Jeffrey Epsteins Jail cell

Imagine that 😒

by PMAGOO 100 1 week ago

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