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Evercore CEO Says Depth of Recession From Virus 'Unprecedented, Staggering'

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Apr.23 -- Evercore Chief Executive Officer and President Ralph Schlosstein expects the economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic to be slower than the fall into recession. He speaks with Bloomberg's David Westin on "Balance of Power."

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The stock market is the only casino in town since Vegas closed.

by j000ker007 6 months ago

26 million ainโ€™t even CLOSE to the real number. I work in the music festival industry & minimum 80% of my company hasnโ€™t gotten through to unemployment yet.

by Brian James 6 months ago

Typical corporate boss: very articulate with no substance whatsoever! Got nothing from his talk

by Pat Marco 6 months ago

First off the numbers are fake. Second thing is when the unemployment Runs Out and there are no jobs to go back to, we will be in a deep depression. Millions and millions will lose everything including the rich and the poor. Nowhere to run to. You can only make so much lemonade from a lemon.

by Randy Macemore 6 months ago

- About sums it up - "We have no idea how the economy is going to evolve over the next 6-12 months."
Honesty is contagious.

by Michael Lara 6 months ago

I don't know how this pandemic could need these simplistic reports. If most people can't work, they don't get paid, they only buy groceries, they don't pay rent or mortgages. Businesses close. But the government showers the rich and big business with cash to the extent they lose nothing! It's about that simple.

by Boyd Gilbreath 6 months ago

Everyone knows the economy is suffering a cataclysm.... except for the stockmarket. The stockmarket is on a lovely ski holiday.

by Winston Smith 6 months ago

while people are unemployed, the fed bails out the billionaires stockmarket. fun

by phil durre 6 months ago

It takes no time to DESTROY the economy but it will takes a long time to BUILD it back

by Bonbon z 6 months ago

I've listened now to various financial "experts" and I notice a curious avoidance of the word that most accurately describes this financial/economic debacle: "Depression."

by Christopher Huffman 5 months ago

Most small businesses fail even without this virus lockdown. Now it will be few that can survive going forward.

by Melanie S 6 months ago

we might need French style revolution again in US

by Kindapple 6 months ago

when you fall of a cliff you die you do not recover

by Konina Konan 6 months ago

So when they decide to โ€œswitch on the economyโ€ will there be any electricity?

Is this stimulus or LIFE SUPPORT?

by fishtherapy100 6 months ago

Where tf is my bear market at then

by Saosaq Ii 6 months ago

It is truly amazing how all of these so-called "experts" fail to point out that the "ramp down" in terms of economic destruction this past month is a consequence of reckless money printing, bailouts, and leverage all encouraged by the Fed since 2009. Repeating the same outrageous "stimulus" and bailouts is going to destroy the economy and wipe out the US dollar within a decade.

by Cameron Macgregor 6 months ago

We are moving into a global worldwide depression. Itโ€™s going to take 10 years to get close to a recovery approaching the markets from before.
Before long we will see defaults galore that will make the banking crisis of 2008 look like a picnic.
This is leading to a reset in banking and monetary policy. The ponzie scheme has run its course and they are burning the system down. They have the perfect excuse for the systems failure with the virus.


by NewDawnRising 6 months ago

I didnโ€™t get anything out of this 12 min video lol

by TIMVESTMENTS 6 months ago

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