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TRAPPING The IMPOSTOR With a 200 IQ PLAY in Among Us

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Welcome To Among Us! Become the Imposter and betray your friends in Among Us. Watch More Among Us: http://bit.ly/Among_Us
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Among Us Game Overview.
Play with 4-10 player online or via local WiFi as you attempt to prepare your spaceship for departure, but beware as one or more random players among the Crew are Impostors bent on killing everyone!
Among Us was originally created as a party game, we recommend playing with friends at a LAN party or online using voice chat. Enjoy cross-platform play between Android, iOS and PC.
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Among Us Crew Gameplay features.
-Win by completing tasks to prepare the ship or ejecting all Impostors.
-React quickly to undo the Impostor's sabotages.
-Check the Admin map and Security cameras to keep tabs on other Crewmates.
-Report any dead bodies immediately to start discussion of who the suspected Impostor is.
-Call emergency meetings to discuss suspicious behavior.
-Vote to eject suspected Impostors.
- - - - -
Among Us Imposter Gameplay Features.
-Kill crewmates and frame bystanders.
-Pretend to run tasks to blend in with the crewmates.
-Sneak through the vents to quickly move about the ship.
-Use sabotages to cause chaos and divide the crew.
-Close doors to trap victims and kill in private.
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Blitz photo 1 TRAPPING The IMPOSTOR With a... Blitz photo 2 TRAPPING The IMPOSTOR With a... Blitz photo 3 TRAPPING The IMPOSTOR With a... Blitz photo 4 TRAPPING The IMPOSTOR With a...

“If I die I’m dead”

Blitz -2020

by piggo king 4 months ago

Blitz “I saw baron kill orange”
Barón: it’s blitz
Jersh: votes blitz
Blitz: who could the other imposter possibly be?

by Scarfy 4 months ago

"He doesn't speak in real words, he just speaks in interpretive dance"

by Nome 4 months ago

Imagine being an innocent person and getting ejected into the depths of space by your crewmates irl that would be so wrong

by Poképro 4 months ago

"Who is it Daddy Drae?"
Expect fan-fics now. You should regret what you said.

by SmolIdiot 4 months ago

"wait wait wait. Intern, Use morse code.'
Intern: ded bodi

by Shovel Ninja 4 months ago

Me: reports a body

Crew: that’s kinda sus that you reported

Me: Doesn’t report a body

Crew: that’s kinda sus that you didn’t report

by Read my channel's description 3 months ago

lol, the classic "I saw him vent!"
and then everyone responds "Well, how do we know it's not you?"
and then you get ejected and everyone who is alive just forgets about what you said

by vol Rogue 4 months ago

Blue: “I think it was red”
Red: “ it wasn’t me, I was in vents”

Everyone else: 🤦

by AG Gaming 3 months ago

When DF is dead he talks the same amount as when he is alive.

by Noah Joao 4 months ago

my favourite sayings in this vid :
"I don't like twisted, he's twisted."
"If I die, I'm dead."

by Chooken 3 months ago

You can tell he is new to the game cos he wants to HIDE IN THE ELECTRICAL ROOM !!!!!!!

by MU5L4M1C HUB 3 months ago

“No don’t vote for me!”
“No! I can’t breathe in space!”

by Da BigFreeze 4 months ago

Intern what did you see?!


ded bodi

by Leah P 4 months ago

"I Don't Like Twisted, Because He Is Twisted"
-Blitz 2020

by Deamond 4 months ago

Blitz: maybe I can hide back here and they'll never find me..
also blitz: *stands directly on vent

by Fall 2nd 4 months ago

“This guys following me-“ he says to just about everyone who’s going in the same direction as him. I’m the exact opposite and give others benefit of the doubt and it usually gets me killed

by KC Noel 4 months ago

Getting a 50-player kill streak in a shooter: :(
Correctly swiping the card on the first try in Among Us: :)

by Drayson Bowling 4 months ago

"if i die i'm dead"
every 60 seconds in africa, a minute passes
(sorry 4 bad english)

by Tere :D 4 months ago

Imagine playing with intern:

“Guys, I have a good feeling it’s intern”

dead bodi

“Valid point. Yeah, it’s not intern”

by Goak 4 months ago

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