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The LittleBigPlanet Iceberg Explained | A Deep Dive Into Obscure LBP Facts, Rumors & Glitches

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Here it is, my biggest project yet... and just in time for Halloween!.
I’ve been seeing a lot of these iceberg explained videos around YouTube, you know the icebergs that convey the not so well known facts and rumors about a certain fandom all the way down to the outright crazy and even creepy theories. After watching some of those videos, I’ve been wanting to do one myself and since October is known for being the spooky month, I think now’s a good time to do so. And of course, I’m dedicating this iceberg explained video to the LittleBigPlanet series as I’m quite familiar with it and I don’t believe an iceberg explained video has been made on it until now.
Special Thanks to everyone that helped out!
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Huge props to Cancerious, PrinceFrizzy, ColinMacQ, TechnicalSock and MysteriousCube for also recovering the English Seaside Theme and more!.
LittleBigPlanet 1 Alternate Universe Soundtrack, Spotify - https://spoti.fi/35RKazr.
YouTube - https://bit.ly/3oLqF4i
Intro - 0:00
The Tip - 0:40
Glowing Skeleton.
The LBP2 Boo Button
Orrible Material
Gardens Fallen Star
Fix Me Hook Hat
3D / Infinite Layer Glitch
Yellow Head
Walker Enemy
Create in Pod.
Paininator Pet
Profile Corruption
LBP1 Delay.
Hidden Middle Finger
The Wheel of Death
LittleBigPlanet Hub Was Cancelled
Black Popit
The Seaside - 9:16
English Seaside
Evel Knievel
LBP3 Was Originally 30 Layers
Evil Avalon.
LBP1 Pod Music Morse Code
Jacob’s Well
The Tiki Paradise Level Kit Was A Repurposed Early Manglewood
LBP Vita Was an Intended LBP2 Port.
Parappa the Rapper Costume
Pod Bus
Stitchem Green.
LBP Karting Mobile Game.
LBP3 Alpha Pod Music
Removed Monster Kit Blood.
Ice Cream Truck Sticker.
Sackboy: A Big Adventure Reuses Concepts From LBP3’s Development.
The Pod is a Level
Unused Team Pick Rosette & Rare Prize Director’s Cap
The Middle - 22:28
Dimensional Doorways
Sackboy Mash-Up Pack On Xbox 360
Spawn Pop Cancer
Communism Allegory
Japanese Server Shutdown
ps3 User.
LBP1 Arcade DLC
Coat Hanger in Pod Pod Background.
Info Fridge / Cork Planet.
The Maxx Marshal LBP3 build / Maxx Marshall Lunar Treehouse.
LBP Hub Became LBP3
Unused LBP1 Backgrounds
The Depths - 32:08
Mezamashi TV Gardens Level.
Go 8 Bit Themed Version of Think In Sync.
LittleBigPlanet 1 Alternate Universe Soundtrack
Milestone 5 Build.
Rik Mayall’s Newton in the Burning Town Ambience
Killing The Popit Professor
LittleBigPlanet Sack App / LBP AR.
LittleBigPlanet Education Edition.
The Ant Mesh
Eye Bleeding Bull
LBP Karting Was Originally ModNation 2
Scrapped Disney DLC
The Abyss - 42:32
Every User Creation is Canon to the Franchise
LBP Karting for PS Vita
Location of Sackboy Spacesuit Plush After Project (Near) Space
LBP Star Wars
Bloody Man Object.
Needlepoint Acres Underwent Climate Change
Lost LittleBigPlanet Flash Game
Outro - 49:27
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BlazingVictini photo 1 The LittleBigPlanet Iceberg Explained |... BlazingVictini photo 2 The LittleBigPlanet Iceberg Explained |... BlazingVictini photo 3 The LittleBigPlanet Iceberg Explained |... BlazingVictini photo 4 The LittleBigPlanet Iceberg Explained |...

Everyone bloody knows LBP but people only talk of it when it is mentioned, its like a phantom fandom.

by Shibé 5 months ago

This game brings lots of warm memories

by Kong 5 months ago

"every user creation is canon" nice to know the emo hair wolves with tragic stories me and my friends all made as kids are out there rubbing shoulders with newton and the negativatron all because our moms wouldnt let us use deviantart

by Leon V 5 months ago

So my level from 2013 “hardest level ever” is canon?

by ¿Kevo Swavo? 5 months ago

Ah I wish he mentioned the conflicted legend of Latin_Player_10.

by T Lam 5 months ago

I like how one of the alternative universe OST is named “Horny Old Man”

by A 5 months ago

"Long story short, Modnation Racers died"

Don't hurt me like that, man.

by Random_Lagger 5 months ago

The blood censorship was weird because they literally have blood in the Dojo area of The Islands.

by Megachamp 4 months ago

“Horny Old Man” no wonder it didn’t make it into the release

by Gevix 5 months ago

Take a shot every time he says LBP, you’ll be dead in seconds.

by retro 5 months ago

PLEASE READ THIS, despite little big planet generator being lost, the model got archived and you can still download it in a site called “model resource”

by demon bear 5 months ago

take.... bro, just- BRO TAKE THE SCORE BUBBLES

by sleepywarrior 5 months ago

Ever since I was young I had the theory that lbp was just a kid playing with his toys, this is probably because of the pod backgrounds that look like rooms

by Kaden Stumpf 5 months ago

About LBP teacher edition... I remember in my elementary school either game devs or reps of came to my school to show us I think LBP2 and how game development was a cool job... Honestly I don't remember much but I think they did mention the Education Edition and how it was something your school could apply to get (my elementary was transitioning to become more high-tech with iPad 'labs' being a cutting-edge teaching tool), so it was something seriously considered and proposed but we never heard of it again after that. My guess was that school boards didn't understand how LBP could be educational and it didn't gain enough traction. The reps showed off LBP2 with those weird ball wands that functioned like Wii remotes (sorry IDK what they're called).

by Cinis C-P 5 months ago

The Paintinator Pet isn't just placing a decoration on a power up, mind you. For some odd reason, when you unequip the paintinator, any decoration will be placed floating around your costume.

by SamIsDummy 5 months ago

Me before this video: Really? Little Big Planet? Surely it doesn't have that many rumors!

Me after seeing the iceberg: O_O

by TheBombyMaster2 5 months ago

its kinda odd that the last remaining voice line of rik mayall newton before he died is in ambient sounds meant to be used in a burning hell scape

by Tekkwin 5 months ago

Seeing "Do You Like It?" By "kinky" and "Horny Old Man" close together gave me A chuckle

by Joshua Hesford 5 months ago

This is the game that started it all for me

by Lithium 5 months ago

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