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Bye Jeffree Star. You're A Monster. (MY EXPERIENCE)

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- I'm elaborating on things including the Shane allegations/clips on my Instagram story (@msblairewhite). I COMPLETELY agree with those of you questioning how I feel about certain clips surfacing from Shane when I have a channel that focuses on busting predatory behavior. I've attacked others for less. All I can say is that yesterday was my first time seeing certain things, particularly the clip justifying p***philia, and it's truly indefensible. It was extremely hard for me to film and post the bit at the end of this video about Shane, but it needed to be done. As much as I pride myself on being a loyal friendto the end, there comes a point where I'm betraying my own integrity by allowing it to be perceived that I endorse or condone certain actions. Let me know if you'd like me to do a video on this. I'm most likely doing one regardless.

- I'd also like to further clarify that that my purpose for doing this video is because I am not able to ignore the credible allegations Jeffree Star informed me of if there is any chance of others being victimized. I resent that I was forced into two choices - be silent and possibly aid in a coverup of predation or go public and set off a huge controversy. At the end of the day, I'm a human who needs to lay my head down at night with a clean conscience, and keeping my mouth shut just didn't cut it.

- My hope for the outcome of this video is that all the evidence of predation within the community that Jeffree has be RELEASED to spare further victims rather than be used as some sick blackmail game because these alleged predators have dirt on JEFFREE. Only Jeffree can do the RIGHT THING and reveal the truth about these people regardless of whatever "dirt" they have on HIM. I refuse to be caught up in his game.

by Blaire White 1 months ago

This is why Nate jumped ship. The drama is never-ending.

by chipo mazvita 1 months ago

Probably wouldn’t hurt to consult with a legal professional, Blair.

by Angel 3 weeks ago

This is exactly what he wanted. He wanted you to double, triple confirmed the fact that James is a s. predator. He manipulated you without even knowing..

by Jennifer Christopher 3 weeks ago

it’s so disturbing how he contacted her within minutes of her posting like she didn’t tag him and he didn’t follow her that’s literally so scary

by rowaida ً 3 weeks ago

Why am I getting a Jeffrey Epstein vibe from this whole Jeffree Star drama...Epstein had dirt on everyone and used it to blackmail them endlessly. YouTube has become a cesspool of deviance and debauchery. Yuck.

by Jeana Beana 3 weeks ago

Not gonna lie. I'm really glad Blaire actually ended up posting.

by Youtuber Lover 1 months ago

You gave jeffree exactly what he wanted ... he got you to bring out and talk about what he showed you about James. You thought he was trying to keep you quiet but no , it looked more that he wanted you to talk about specially knowing that’s what you do in youtube. He got what he wanted from you

by DAkota O.b 3 weeks ago

Calling out people who literally harm society (racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic people) IS NOT 'drama', ESPECIALLY calling out sexual predators and pedophiles. So sad that this even has to be said.

by Spiral Architect 3 weeks ago

The saddest thing is that these controversial disgusting YouTubers are getting famous, while the better youtubers, the nicer ones and the best ones, are just undiscovered. Sigh wtf

by Phoenix Venus 2 weeks ago

So basically he made you listen to some youtuber who CLAIMED they were molestered by James and you go on youtube and say it is credible? Sorry no what evidence is there other then someones allegations? Why not highly encourage them to go to the Police so they can investigate and prove if true or not? Why highly encourage them to go public?!! No you don't know if the allegations are true. Personally find James Charles irritating so I am no fan!! Just saying it is wrong to go public with accusations that have not been proven and actually haven't been made by the person who was allegedly been attacked.

by tyra akhtar 3 weeks ago

And this is why I’m fine with being a non-famous nobody

by Sugar Pink 1 months ago

“i know jeffree pays people to say things”
“the source he gave me was credible”

by taylor martin 17 hours ago

Blaire: Jeffree Star pays people to say things
Also Blaire: the voice note is credible.

by Luz 3 weeks ago

Blaire, if you really had these conversations—then you are obligated to tell the authorities, and to inform the community. While it is not your place to tell someone else’s story, if you knew there was a rapist/sexual predator in your community, you would tell your neighbors, friends, and family in the area.

As a fellow victim, I would hope you understand the importance of speaking up on this; this video is not enough.

by Homo.cody 3 weeks ago

Blaire, I hope you realize that Jeffree wanted you to come out and share the "video". When a story doesnt make sense, there is a reason for it. Think about this logically. There is a victim out there who was supposedly molested by James Charles. This "victim" doesnt want to go public but was willing to be RECORDED by the biggest youtuber in the United States. And this "victim" knows that Jeffree star is sharing their story with EVERYONE (which was the intention of recording the video). So this victim is fine that the whole youtube community knowing their name, knowing what happened, knows their story - but this "victim" doesnt want actual lawforce to be involved? Lol As a victim myself, you either hide from it and you dont want anyone to know - or you come out and release the story. I dont know of any sexual assault victim that would use their sexual assault to gain attention by youtubers, but too shy to actually testify against James Charles. Also, when someone is molesting children, there is NEVER just one person. Never. I think this "video" is 100% false. Why did Jeffree share this with a complete stranger? Becside you have a large platform Blaire. And he knew you would make a video. He probably didnt think you would call him a monster though.... lol which he is! And that is exactly why he is treating this like a "gossip piece" because that is exactly what it is. And that's why he will NEVER release it. He is hoping someone else will, so when it is proven false - he can play the victim and be like "I had no idea it was false. I was just sharing the video because I was concerned." BS! Like I said to Jeffree star. Either you are a POS covering for a child molester or your are a LIAR. And since James charles PROVED that everything Jeffree star said was a lie, I have no doubt this "video" is a lie too. And I have no doubt it was convincing. But convincing doesnt equal truth.

by Samantha Smiles 6 days ago

Damn YouTube is becoming a very sad place :(

by JaclynGlenn 1 months ago

Blaire I honestly feel like he tricked you into making this video, considering you said no new news other than the fact that you believe in the allegations towards James, and find the "evidence" to be credible.

by Hazel Jade 3 weeks ago

im sorry but you cant say these voicemails were credible when you know jeffree star pays people to lie and also has "dirt" on them to blackmail others. Jeffree lies so much. i wont believe anything until the victim speaks up

by Natalie Yarborough 3 weeks ago

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