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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: "Just Tell Him You’re The President” (Season 7, Episode 1)

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Alright YouTube, I'll watch this 4 years after its release if that pleases your algorithm.

by Felix Bergbauer 1 year ago

Love him or hate him, Obama really was charismatic.

by stlbullet 1 month ago

Also, Obama's voice was never annoying. Every time he spoke, he sounded interesting and well informed and I couldn't but pause everything I was doing just to hear what he had to say.

by maya summers 2 weeks ago

Is anyone else getting this in their recommended 4 years later? 🤔

Not mad though 😂😁

by BigCodyGee 1 month ago

The car is blue
Obama is black
Theres probably a secret service agent
hiding in the back

by An0nymu5 11 months ago

Even if you disagree with him politically, you can’t hate Obama after watching this.

by plarmpf 1 week ago

9 days before 2020 elections I'm here remind myself what the president looks like.

by Osée 2 days ago

im republican but honestly this guy was so respectful and a good honest person. one of the most down to earth presidents

by Jathan Prince 1 month ago

Remember when America wasn’t embarrassed on a daily basis?

by Donna Dixon 2 weeks ago

Imagine being so famous that you can literally just chill with Jerry Seinfeld.

by Benjamin McLaren 7 months ago

Even more proof that Barack is the chillest president yet

by Jjaayy 1 month ago

I like president who aren't rapist, or racists who doesn't kill over 200,000 American citizens. Obama is everything Trump will never be. Cool, kind , caring, intelligent, educated, and handsome. And skinny.....😏

by boston babe 1 day ago

5 years after... I miss this guy so much, and I'm not even a US citizen.

by Eef Neleman 1 month ago

God I miss having a president who had a decent sense of humor and was also so damn cool.

by Kristen Kidd 1 month ago

I bet Jerry had a sniper pointing at his skull the entire time

by Oros Abaddon 1 year ago

Obama and Jerry: were just gonna go grab some coffee
Guard: there is coffee in the Whitehouse.

by Anthony Rodriguez 1 month ago

That is one of the most though provoking quotes I have ever hear
"Because that's the way I do it and I don't need a reason"

by ThunderBolt 2 weeks ago

This whole time I thought the president was the most powerful man in the world. Turns out it is actually Darryl.

by Captain Nutrition 2 weeks ago

I love how everyone here is is here to reminisce and wish we had a president who at least had the class of this man. Mind you I have disagreements with a lot of his policies, but he carried the dignity of office far better than the current sitting president.

by will kenny 2 weeks ago

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