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Jisoo's doom doom doom and DANCE! will remain iconic forever

by BlinksPy Blackpink 2 weeks ago

Jisoo shouting “DANCE” will forever be iconic.

by 엘라_armylink 2 weeks ago

“We are going to....”


Me-dies of laughter.

by DarkAngel211 1 weeks ago

I can't stop watching this

Jiso: DuM dUm DuM dUrU DuM

by Soft Lover 2 weeks ago

Now we can really see Jisoo’s swag that only Jennie appreciates before.

by Angela M 1 months ago

Jisoo : DANCE !

and they’re dancing.

in the actual MV, Jennie said “Bring out the boss bish”

and Jisoo become the center.


by 하피즈hfz 1 months ago

I only go here because of jisoo's iconic "dance" it will forever be stuck in my head xd

by GraceTube TV 1 weeks ago

Jisoo is my favourite
👇 because shes so cute 🥰

by FuTure OMG 1 weeks ago

Absolutely nobody: Lisa's hair throughout the video:⬛️🟪⬜️🟥🟩🟫🟥🟩🟧🟩🟦🟧🟨🟦🟩🟫

by Мария Колашников 1 weeks ago

Why no one talking about jisoo she improved in everything's.

by sweet night 1 months ago

I came back to this video, missing Jisoo's "dance!" at

by neogriff 1 weeks ago

Why is no one talking about lisa’s sExY sExY wOooH at 🤣

by Jamless Army 6 days ago

who doesn’t understand them 😂

by Liz Wong:3 23 hours ago

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