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Rosé: eats 4 dishes still slim
Me: eats 1 snack big belly

by Jessa Fortich 5 months ago

Rose: eats 4 dishes but still stays slim
ME: BREATHES air and gains 4KG

by Blessings Mwale 3 months ago

This is what I like most in YG, they don't have to starve their artists just to make them lose weight. They make them do some exercise or workout regime to keep themselves in shape and still have to eat anything they want 👌

by blinkeu edits 4 months ago

Rosé is so Kind because she eat lunch with her Manager❤️🥰🥰🥰

So sweet

by Army Jimin 2 months ago

So nobody is gonna talk abt Leo he is such a cutie

by Goldi Singh 1 month ago

Lisa: boxing
Rosé: some sort of yoga
Me: nothing

Edit: Thank you to you all for telling me that rose does Pilates

by MSPmaster13 VIP 4 months ago

Rose has a beautiful action line of her body if you can see when she was doing yoga she has a great concentration on focus and strength to maintain her balance and she’s really beautiful and her body looks amazing and for me I think in the whole BLACKPINK I know Jenny and G through and we still all have beautiful bodies but I think Rose has a very nice slim and easy going body

by Sophia Kim Let’s play 3 months ago

When Rosé said: "Hey guys! Guess where I'm going.", I honestly thought she would go to some sort of restaurant to eat again xD

by just me 1 month ago

And that is how Rose stays fit, class dismissed

by Ayesha Ishaq 3 months ago

I am in love with Rosè's deep voice!

by Anne Anoop 3 months ago

Blinks are saying that the meal that rosé had is the only meal yg gives them. Even tho I don’t like YGE that’s untrue. Jisoo said herself that rosé and Lisa are the ones that eat a lot and exercise. And Lisa said that she doesn’t go on diets cuz she exercises and does pilate a lot. So I don’t think that that’s the ONLY meal YGE gives them. They eat whatever they want

by Marsl Mar 3 months ago

Rose: yoga
Lisa: boxing
Me: eating one box of pizza while watching them

by Lee Nie 2 months ago

Who’s here watching all there episodes during quarantine?😂

by Ashely Rose 1 month ago

Me before quarantine be like:

Me: I really want a body goals like chaeng!!! I need to exercise more and eat more green,okay I want to have abs!!Please give me strength,I want to be healthy💪🏻

Me working hard to get slim and more taller than before,I put Rose as my role model.

Me in a quarantine:

Me: Ooooo,wheeereeey issss daaa foodieeee?? Come to mamaaaaa~~!! Ooouuhhhh,the new kdrama!!! Let’s just stay in the bed until tomorrow!!!🥳

Me eating the varieties of foods forgetting my goals🥴

by Kookie's Bunny 3 months ago

Rosé: eats 4 dishes - slim
Me: watches Rosé eat, gains 10 kg

by Ika Monster 1 month ago

“ I brought this for Leo, he never used it, what a waste of money” -lisa manoban, 23yr old

by Savannah's stupidity 2 months ago

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