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Kendrick Lamar sits down with N.W.A (FULL EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

#Gangsta Rap (Musical Genre) #Straight Outta Compton (Musical Album) #Eazy-E (Musical Artist) #Kendrick Lamar (Musical Artist) #Music
The rapper has an exclusive sit-down with his hometown heroes.
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Billboard photo 1 Kendrick Lamar sits down with... Billboard photo 2 Kendrick Lamar sits down with... Billboard photo 3 Kendrick Lamar sits down with... Billboard photo 4 Kendrick Lamar sits down with...

Ice cube sitting there knowing he killed them on no Vaseline

by u Trip659 1 year ago

None of them have fancy jewelry, face tats, not mumbling, they all speak very clearly and know so much. True rappers doing it for the love of hip hop.

by Ethan Cryder 1 year ago

Why Ice Cube don't age. XD His son looking older than him now.😂

by Zetsu Tsuletsu 1 year ago

Just one legend missing from the group

Rip eazy ❤️

by Tyler james 1 year ago

Kendrick acting like he got so many questions, but been signed to dre for years lmao

by Matthew Wolanski 1 year ago

Notice these rich ass OGs ain't wearing any bling

by Big V 2 years ago

Kendrick is going to die as one of the greats like them

by Nat Ham 1 year ago

So happy to see Ren here. He's so damn underrated as an MC

by DemDoolies 1 year ago

I wonder how Cube feels when Mc Ren says "stayin away from all the fakes" knowing he dissed all 3 of them in No vaseline.

by CPTRAGE310 1 year ago

You just know they're street kids with the fact they put their drinks on the ground instead of the tables beside them.

by Brian Otida 1 year ago

No one is more deserving of conducting this legendary interview than Kendrick Lamar

by Luis Contreras 10 months ago

No one:
Yella: we didn’t know there was money
Kendrick: yeah I feel yo-
Kendrick: yeah real tal-

by ixApollo 7 months ago

Cube speaks like he was CLEARLY the creative writer. AND he had THE voice. He WAS the 'attitude' in NWA.

by J Power 1 year ago

You can tell from this interview that mc Ren was the gangster, dj yella was the ladies man, cube was the voice, and Dre was the brains.

by pork wop 5 months ago

"You're never poor when you're doing something creative." Damn that hit me hard.

by Regina Garcia 4 years ago

Eazy - E's Spirit was 100% Next to yella! Miss you Eric!

by Nathan Powell 1 year ago

Drink a shot every time they say "you know what i'm sayin?'"

by Yeet my Meet 1 year ago

This is legendary two different generations of music... The men who started it and one of the men who saved it

by Stone Cold 1 year ago

What cube said is straight facts. Never do anything for the money, fame etc just love for the art

by isa arif 6 months ago

Many years later and theyre still dressin in all black together lmao

by Renzo Reaping 3 months ago

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