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Big Sean - Wolves ft. Post Malone

BigSeanVEVO photo 1 Big Sean - Wolves ft.... BigSeanVEVO photo 2 Big Sean - Wolves ft.... BigSeanVEVO photo 3 Big Sean - Wolves ft.... BigSeanVEVO photo 4 Big Sean - Wolves ft....

Did Big Sean get snubbed for a grammy nomination??

by CONSCI 1 month ago

Post Malone U are legend Always Bro Love from India ❤️❤️❤️

by Sanjeet Jaat 4 weeks ago

Those who disliked this video were raised by jackals.

by Go Flex 22 hours ago


by Big Sean 1 month ago

Post malone part was sick this guy can't make bad music just waiting for him to drop a new album

by Jaylan 3 weeks ago

Big Sean: “I was raised by the wolves, ate til they full, run thru the night, playing wit ya life, go against the pack, that’s risking ya life”
Mowgli: This man spittin!🔥🐺🔥

by Jeejington 1 month ago

This song sounds like it belongs to a villain in a movie, or a background song of a cyberpunk 2077 movie lol

by Kingston21 1 month ago

That “ You said you’d die for me, well, here’s the ground” is staggering! 👏🏻

by Gutan Mihail 1 month ago

Post Malone is just built different 🔥

by Verpion 1 month ago

posty is one of the most photogenic artists when it comes to music videos

by Vurixy 1 month ago

Big Sean: I was raised by the wolves

Big Sean's Mother:

by cebbys 3 weeks ago

This a badass song posty went in hard af thooo
props Postyfan❤ he ate that shit upp this sngs a vibe

by Angel hernandez q 10 hours ago

Malone's voice has finally evolved into that of an elitist

by Rupak Girkar 1 month ago

Posty looks cool as fuck in this video.

by Warshade 2 weeks ago

man every-time this song start while im in the office using my headsets the dog parks be like sooooo 3D i think the laptop speaker r on

by Mohammed Al-Saqer 5 days ago

Post Malone part:

I was raised by the wolves (wolves), paid all my dues (dues)
Always in the game and never played by the rules (rules)
Tried to let me leave (leave), fell down to my knees (knees)
Picked myself up and turned my back to the breeze, oh-oh

Spent a milli' on a milli', mama look at me (oh)
With all these diamond chokers, man, it's gettin' hard to breathe
Now that you are family, cut some branches off my tree (wow)
But if you in my circle, know I'll always be around ('round)

Don't let me down (down)
You said you'd die for me, well, there's the ground
Ice on my wrist, ice in my veins
But it's a cold, cold world, and you can be predator, you can be prey

by Foggy 1 month ago

Is that a Foo Fighters refference??

The Pretender - Foo Fighters

by Charly Reyna 22 hours ago

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