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BigKayBeezy Feat. Polo G "Bookbag 2.0" (Official Video)

Bigkaybeezy photo 1 BigKayBeezy Feat. Polo G Bigkaybeezy photo 2 BigKayBeezy Feat. Polo G Bigkaybeezy photo 3 BigKayBeezy Feat. Polo G Bigkaybeezy photo 4 BigKayBeezy Feat. Polo G

i watched this

by zuhn 3 weeks ago

Only people that have heard the original before this one can like

by FamousGang 3 weeks ago

“I don’t gotta pencil or pen in this book bag”
Quite kid- that’s that real music man come back home

by i forgot my name 3 weeks ago


by SAY CHEESE! 1 month ago

The most underrated ad-lib is polo g’s “haah”

by Harry Maloney 3 days ago

Polo has never dropped a bad song or ruined a song because he was a feature

by InFailSive 1 week ago

Quiet kid: I dont got a pencil or pen in this bookbag'
Me: Ayyeeee, you know that song too?
Quiet kid: What song?

by toastY 1 week ago

The quiet kid blasting this in the bathroom 🥶🥶😤😤🤬🤬

by Parker hill 3 weeks ago

“And I’m constantly balling like Caris LeVert”🔥

by G3XGORTEX 1 week ago

"I'm smoking broccoli countin up lettuce In love wit da glock think I got a fetish"

by OutrightRock 141 1 day ago

when you self report and they ask where the body is

by FLIXZ 2 weeks ago

“Only future billionaires can like this comment”

by gleezyTv 1 month ago

Only people who liked him before polo g’s feature can like

by miko foin 2 weeks ago

"Was tuff onna net now his face inna swisher"🤢🤢🤢🤢🔥

by TheyKnowXo- 5 days ago

“Dance like he making a triller” was hard

by Matthew Roman 2 weeks ago

This song made me throw up gang signs that don’t exist ain’t goin lie 🍁❌

by Morgxn 3 weeks ago

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