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Kanye West on 'Jesus is King', Being Canceled, Finding God + A Lot More

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“The most racist thing a person could tell me is I’m supposed to choose something based on my colour” 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

by The Broken Man 1 year ago

Kanye West needs to be on Joe Rogan.


by Sabas Guevara 7 months ago

Man. The scary thing is. He's right about most of this, he's speaking facts. When he was following the people/the culture/his ego all it brought him was failure and despair. Now that he's become more spiritual all he sees is success. I'm really happy for him and wishes he stays like this.

by Champagne Abuelo 9 months ago

This Man is not Crazy. Wake up people.

by ConsciousMe 8 months ago

Kanye out here waking up sleeping souls

by JOLIK UDO 7 months ago

Kanye isn't very articulate and that leads to him being profoundly misunderstood. He is genuinely the most creative, interesting and fearless individual in the arts today, by a country mile. American's should feel blessed to have Kanye.

by Djura 6 months ago

This man is so awake. It’s that sad people perceive him to be crazy. This man is so wise and awake that most people wouldn’t understand how profound his message is.

by George Lopez 5 months ago

Kanye really needs to drop a book , I feel like it would change lives

by Rocklyn Xa 9 months ago

Kanye has ALWAYS been ahead of his time, I wonder what this is gonna look like 5-10 years from now

by BirdBossUSA 7 months ago

Kanye might sound confusing at times, it’s because he’s processing so many thoughts, but he makes perfect sense 🙏🏻

by Irene Torres 1 year ago

His consciousness is to advanced for many

by Rose Queen 8 months ago

Big boy was not prepared for this interview.. He was not prepared for kanyes level of responses, and I love it!

by Sinnncere 6 months ago

Who’s rewatching this interview now, after all that’s going on in this Country and realizing Kanye ain’t that crazy after all?? He speaks a lot of facts, ppl just need to open their minds and realize what you’ve been programmed to think is “normal” or “crazy” is just that. We are prisoners of our thoughts that media planted there. Once you can think openly and logically Kanye is 💯 on it!! 🙌🏼

by D C 6 months ago

Big boy seemed uncomfortable, but Ye is brilliant. He is lightyears ahead of where society stands. Love this man

by Rome Maldonado 6 months ago

These past couple years, everyone been listening to “Kanye is crazy” “kanye has lost his mind” Kanye this, Kanye that. This interview and past interviews make you realize just how much of a free thinker he is. We label people as crazy, lost, when in reality they are using their freedom to think for themselves.

by Doomsday_22 7 months ago

Things that stood out to me:

1.)Y’all dealing with grandpa now!!!
2.) social media do more to hurt families
3.)He said who designed the culture?
4.) we are culture less
5.) Democrat’s had us aborting our children
6.) He Fears GOD
7.) He a freeman 🚶🏾‍♂️
Jesus set Kanye free... ✝️🙏🏾 he is our brother in Christ and we should lift him up in prayer

by Cupof choclatechip 8 months ago

kanyes most underrated interview

by Chris 9 months ago

When you remove the fear of GOD you invite the fear of everything else - that’s the truth

by WILLAH THE TRUTH 6 months ago

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