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BTS (방탄소년단) '봄날 (Spring Day)' Official MV

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BTS (방탄소년단) '봄날 (Spring Day)' Official MV
Music video credits.
Director : YongSeok Choi (Lumpens)
Assistant Directors : WonJu Lee (Lumpens)
Director of Photography : HyunWoo Nam(GDW)
Gaffer : HyunSuk Song (Real Lighting)
Art Director : JinSil Park (MU:E)
Producer : Emma SungEun kim (GE Production)
BigHit Entertainment. All rights reserved..
Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws..
Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea
Connect with BTS, http://www.ibighit.com
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#봄날 #BIGHIT #BTS #방탄

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Spring day is like that friend who never leaves your side

by Irina Ahsan 3 weeks ago

This song is like wine, the older it is, the better it gets

by SIGNATURE 3 days ago

No matter what Era we are, Im still stuck with Spring Day and forever will be.

by Burning Mockingjay 3 days ago

fact: every bts comeback spring day also comes back

edit: 3k likes....i’m jungshook...never gotten this many likes before! thank you so much

by Anu Aravind 3 weeks ago

"Once your heart is moved, it will develop to something better and positive."

- Jimin

by Moyeon ⟭⟬ 3 days ago

Everyone talks about this song is meant for people who have lost a friend or family or loved one... but this song is special to me because for a long while, I lost myself. I lost who I was. I lost my passions, things I enjoyed doing, motivation, etc... I struggled for years to find myself again. This song is just that reminder to me that even though I feel like I'm slipping again... I'm not. Feelings change, like seasons. Sometimes they're harder to deal with. Sometimes it's harder to pull myself back... but that all changes over time - if I give it time.

by Jennie P 4 days ago

u guys read my comment plz
this song is about how the sewol ship sink down. the sewol ship sink down and many students died there. the students saying their last words to their family who didnt survive and not too many students survive from the ship.the captain of the ship said to the student stay in the ship but the the captain leave the ship first.the student who follow the captains intrucusion died and the student who didnt follow intrucsion survive. now the student is still in peace their friends who is still alive commited suidice so thats why they made this song.🎗️🎗️🎗️/4/16
edit :hope u reply :)

by keisha salsabilla az-zahra renaldi 3 days ago

All armys: The song is just like wine…
Suga: The is like zombie
Armys: So as I was saying, the sing like a zombie

by Raj Ash 1 day ago

99% of comments: “WHOS HERE AFTER DYNAMITE” and well it’s true im here to stream dynamite

Edit: DYNAMITE HAS REACHED 223M VI3WS IN 8 DAYS LETS STR3AM AND DONT GET DISCOURAGED IF YT DELETES VI3WS have a good time armysss <33 also thanks for 947 likes!!!! Never got so many ahaha


by Amina Hesham 3 weeks ago

when bts said that they should make another song like spring day, I felt that...

by 무즈 1 day ago

Singer: KOREAN
Song: Japanese enlish or korean
Comments: English
Me: arab girl
ARMYS: Worldwide
Heart: Purple

by ASSIL MANANA 22 hours ago

I'm listening to this when I get scolded by my mom and everyone hates me :)

by NiJi Xxs 2 days ago

Once RM said that this song is from real life incidents of RM and SUGA
They showed their pain from such
Great lyrics. That is why our hearts
Directly gets attacked by this song..

I am really in love with this song

by keerthi 1 day ago

Suga’s verse really gets me each time

“Yes I hate you, you left me. But I never stopped thinking about you, not even a day. Honestly I miss you but I’ll erase you. Cuz it hurts less to blame you.” 💜

by Melanie Flannery 2 days ago

My bias is BTS,
My bias wrecker is BTS

But, my ultimate bias is BTS.
ARMY forever

by samsul alam 1 day ago

Target before Jimin’s birthday:
350M !!!

by 미아 3 days ago

I don’t think I will ever stop coming back to this!

by Sam Mattt 2 days ago

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