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Bfb Da Packman - Northside Ghetto Soulja

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“NORTHSIDE Ghetto Soulja” is now Streaming on ALL PLATFORMS
Apple Music ► https://music.apple.com/us/album/northside-ghetto-soulja-single/1512002894
Tidal ► https://tidal.com/browse/album/140441109?play=true
SPOTIFY ► https://open.spotify.com/album/0YJ3KK1ZCwcFV0LMOPyico?nd=1
►Twitter - https://twitter.com/bfbdapackman
►Instagram - https://instagram.com/bfbdapackman
The Lunch Crew Company.

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That Free Joe Exotic Brought Me Here

by Chubby Yogi 6 months ago

We need him, this is strictly his lane, no one is doing it like him. Bro tough idc what no one has to say

by TGYE 6 months ago

“Talked to drake on the phone and
he said he wouldn’t sign me said I’m too damn fat and I’m too damn childish” 😂😂😂😂🔥🔥

by Lamear 6 months ago

“All I do is rap ain’t got no plan B” 💀

by ledaniel miller 6 months ago

“I ignored the fish smell becuz I love you”😭😭😭

by Jay Davis 6 months ago

He is a genuinely funny guy I’m here after free joe exotic and I’m very pleased 😃 😂🔥🙌🏾

by Veronica Perry 6 months ago

“I always get my heart broke in the end kuz I be cuffin hoess “ 🙄😂😂 felt that one

by AJ Bee Official 6 months ago

Them dislikes from his daddy an his people cause he said he smoked rock.

by Benjamin Crosby 6 months ago

Dont hit my phone with beef boi this ain't mcdonalds, my momma still live in apartments I got bigger problems. Felt that shi 💯💯💯❌🎓

by 12:34 PM 6 months ago

Packman vs DaBaby would literally have me in tears because Ik that track would be funny AF

by Black Zona 6 months ago

He said i ignored that fish smell cause I love you haha snapping doe 😂 🔥

by MarrBeezzzyy 23 6 months ago

The fact he went hard the whole vid with a kid 😭

by Imliqo 6 months ago

I bet that lil kid was watching them shooting a vid and he was like cmon young dog get yo shine on. Made his summer he solid fa that!!

by Nicolas Northern 6 months ago

Most of yall 5 years late on Da Packman....but Detroit Flint & Houston been hip & him Sadababy Cash Kidd all have their own lanes but silly and surgical with the bars

by Myke Jae 6 months ago

"I ignored that fish smell bc i loved you😂"

by Chill Pill 3 months ago

Is no one gonna say anything bout the HIV positive shirt, no just me ok then

by D4RKSOUL -956 3 months ago

Daddy mad I said he smoke crack in one my songs

by DaaiB Lou Money 6 months ago

glad someone is bringing back the comic relief to rap, there was a time when all rap music wasn't "gangsta" music smh

by H_N_I_C330 6 months ago

Hardest mailman out there!! 🔥

by J D 6 months ago

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