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Elect Charles Booker to the US Senate

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Tomorrow, Kentuckians have a chance to continue the work we started.
Together, we can achieve Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, and justice for all.
Let’s send Charles Booker to Congress.

#bernie sanders #joe biden #democratic primary #bernie 2020

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Elect Charles Booker to the US Senate!

by Algobis 1 months ago

Hopefully Booker can beat McGrath despite McConnell’s attempts to close polling stations

by Winston Shih 1 months ago

Voted for him, me and my boyfriend did. He was surging ahead in early polls over Amy backed by big money which people here in Kentucky don’t fall for. Lol

by Beyond Confusion 1 months ago

Booker actually wants the people of Kentucky to have a better life. I want our kids to have a better future; it's hard to see right now, but the light is there for us to find, if we have the courage to reach for it.

by o0Avalon0o 1 months ago

Mitchell McConnell is disgraceful! 😝

by Giuliana CR 1 months ago


by Lady MomDragon 1 months ago

Booker is Precious. He touches my heart. I voted for him.

by Patty L 1 months ago

Let’s go, Charles Booker! He understands, cares, and can deliver positive changes. ^-^

by Corey Wright 1 months ago

From your TN neighbors Vote for This Man! He want thing to be better for all of you! You deserve better!

by Lisa Glynn 1 months ago

I'll still vote for McGrath if she wins the nomination, but i'll never forgive her when we could've had a progressive like Booker.

by Colby Plummer 1 months ago

I 🙏 you win we need you in office Mitch McConnell AKA the Grim Reaper 🙄 is terrible.

by lonely soul 1 months ago

luv this guy please God let him win the Primary

by EileenMc 1 months ago

I hope this guy runs for president soon, hopefully he wins his senate race too.

by Mr. GoldenGlasses 1 months ago

I'm a Libertarian and really want this man to win. We need McConnell out of the Senate. GO CHARLES GO!

by BlaqAdam 1 months ago

Makes me wish I lived in Kentucky just so I could vote for him. It's so hard to find this kind of moral leadership in politics these days, especially in someone so eloquent.

Edit: mail-in ranked-choice voting!

by Derek A 1 months ago

Whoever wins beat McConnell. Also I know McConnell will cheat in the real election just like trump did.

by M J 1 months ago

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