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Nicki Minaj - Features Megamix (2020)

#say so remix #female rap #nicki minaj #nicki #Music
Nicki Minaj - Features Megamix (2020)
*DISCLAIMER* I had to mute myh due to copyright ☹️.
I will be making other megamixes so don’t worry if I didn’t do some songs!
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#wap #say so #nicki minaj megamix

Beny B photo 1 Nicki Minaj - Features Megamix... Beny B photo 2 Nicki Minaj - Features Megamix... Beny B photo 3 Nicki Minaj - Features Megamix... Beny B photo 4 Nicki Minaj - Features Megamix...

Nicki Minaj - Monster (4K Remastered)

by Beny B 2 months ago

When your song has a (feat. Nicki Minaj) it ain’t your song no more

by Aihara 2 months ago

Daily Reminder:
-Nicki is Queen
-Queen is Nicki

by E T 2 months ago

THE TRANSITIONS WERE FIRE. Tbh I didn’t think anyone but Karan K could do proper transitions but I was wrong

by Rigby 3 months ago

Swish Swish
Nice To Meet Ya
Bang Bang
Move Ya Hips
Rake It up
Side To Side
Welcome To The Party
Motor Sport
Say So Remix

by Baby Yellow Crewmate 3 months ago

i got chills when fefe's instrumental with Nicki's swish swish verse came on WHEW

by Caleb 2 months ago

am i the only one that rapped that whole 15 mins🤩

by ciarra allen 3 months ago

Nicki Minaj is the best female rapper of this generation. No one can compete

by BABY babe 3 months ago

Still hasn’t lost her rhythm. Like what’s she doing so far

by pantherteen1 2 months ago

Lets be clear-every line that she made is iconic

by Wojtek Stoch 2 months ago

As far as I’m concerned those are Nick’s Songs not Fts.

by FAY FAY 2 months ago


by Luketto X 3 months ago

Not a ad playing in the middle of the QUEEN😭

by Jerry Fleming 2 months ago

Put this on during my workout but ended up dancing the entire time 😔

by Liam 3 months ago

Nice to meet ya to trollz omfg

by Joran253 3 months ago

The Motorsport to my chick bad transformation was so clean 🔥

by Jay Capalot 3 months ago

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