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RTX 3080 Benchmarks Gameplay Unboxing 5 Games Test with new 3080 Nvidia GPU

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A Chinese tech outlet reportedly published leaked benchmarks for the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 well ahead of the Ampere card’s September 17th release date. While the original has been taken down, YouTuber Leak and Gameplay managed to get hold of some of the benchmark footage..
While unconfirmed, the leaked benchmarks paint a remarkable picture of GeForce RTX 3080 performance with DLSS enabled. In both Death Stranding and Control — titles acclaimed for their excellent DLSS implementations — the GeForce RTX 3080 apparently cleared 100 FPS, at 4K no less. The leaked benchmarks offer performance figures for fully raster-based games with DLSS disabled, too, and these appear to fall in line with NVIDIA’s own performance slides..
However, with a number of high profile games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Watch Dogs Legion set to implement DLSS 2.0, and with NVIDIA’s AI-based upscaling technology delivering better than native image quality in some cases, DLSS performance is interesting in and of itself. Thanks to featuring tensor cores that are reportedly twice as fast as those in Turing, the RTX 3080 effortlessly hits these numbers. While we’re still unclear about what the GeForce RTX 3090 “BFGPU” can manage, DLSS could enable the GeForce RTX 3080 to deliver high framerate 4K gaming at a far more palatable price point..
We have had a few months to acclimatise to the name RTX 3080 being upside down on NVIDIA's Founders Edition card, which leaked in June. However, it turns out that the RTX 3080 Founders Edition has another quirk, albeit one that has probably been overlooked by most people. For some reason, NVIDIA has adorned the Founders Edition with an upside-down 8.
It is a minor point, although we now cannot unsee it. NVIDIA has re-used the font from the RTX 20 series, so looking at the RTX 2080 or RTX 2080 Ti reveals how the 8 in RTX 3080 should look. Strictly speaking, the 8 is the right way up when the card is seated in a PCIe slot, but it does not follow the orientation of the other digits.
It is unclear whether this is intentional or an error, but it has sparked debate among communities like r/pcmasterrace and r/nvidia. Some people have joked that has stopped them from pre-ordering the Founders Edition, which may be true for perfectionists. Either way, the RTX 3080 Founders Edition seems likely a worth upgrade from the RTX 2080 and other Turing cards.

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Benchmark Comparison photo 1 RTX 3080 Benchmarks Gameplay Unboxing... Benchmark Comparison photo 2 RTX 3080 Benchmarks Gameplay Unboxing... Benchmark Comparison photo 3 RTX 3080 Benchmarks Gameplay Unboxing... Benchmark Comparison photo 4 RTX 3080 Benchmarks Gameplay Unboxing...

i was like meh its running assassin's creed odyssey at 70ish fps and than i realized its 4k resolution O_O

by King LVR 1 week ago

i like the bl1 gameplay. you are probably the only person who showed how this thing ran bl1. thank you!

by Kerbyrose 1 week ago

Can it run MS paint ?

by Zertex Z 2 weeks ago

Can anyone tell me what time exactly the rtx 3080 will go on sale on the 17th? Is it midnight? I really want to secure one as I'm ordering a complete pc build on launch day for this card

by NaySaya 2 weeks ago

The yellow in a video thats because the lightning or effect?

by celcel ino 1 week ago

What was your temps durong game play ?

by micdoomqw 2 weeks ago

Well these benchmarks aren't right at this time as the optimisation is yet to be applied for the ampere cards through software!...so this is beta time,in next 2-3 months you would absolutely get its true potential!

by Nikhil Pratap Singh 2 weeks ago

i thinks... 1080p is more fps than 4K gaming tho

by Reynardfoox 2 weeks ago

i got a ryzen 2700x x470 motherboard can i still upgrade to the 3070

by south 2 weeks ago

Finally, gaming at 4K 60 FPS is a viable option

by Szymks 2 weeks ago

Well i got the ROG 2080Ti for £500..Guess i won.

by Hasan Creed 2 weeks ago

what is the power consumption? thanks in advance

by Martino D 2 weeks ago

4k is overrated, just play at 1440p and enjoy more frames with very little clarity difference

by Warm Soft Kitty 2 weeks ago

Wassssssssssup LINUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Shane Stanger 2 weeks ago

Lol i love accent

by MrX 2 weeks ago

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