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The REAL way to play I'm The One by Van Halen! Weekend Wankshop 209 with Uncle Ben

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Hey kids! Uncle Ben back again with another classic riff DECODED! You guys have been asking for a full accurate transcription and lesson of I'm The One by Van Halen (from their legendary debut self-titled album) for a long time now, so i figured i should oblige and share these epic licks with you!
This is one of the sickest guitar songs of all time. Eddie was absolutely insane on this track. The swing, the guitar tone, the attitude... its perfection!.
This lesson will take you through the intro of the song, including the crazy pull-off lick that nobody can seem to figure out. Its actually easier than what you've seen on other tabs and lessons after you learn the simple pattern!
Be sure to tune down 1/2 step to play along with this video. I'm using my Suhr Modern White Tiger, Top Jimi Brown Sound VH1 profile, and a Levi's Jean jacket to achieve my tone..
What classic Van Halen songs do you want to learn next? Let me know in the comments!!

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Ben Eller photo 1 The REAL way to play... Ben Eller photo 2 The REAL way to play... Ben Eller photo 3 The REAL way to play... Ben Eller photo 4 The REAL way to play...

Thank you all for learning the real way to play Iโ€™m the One by Van Halen! What other classic Eddie tunes do you want to learn on Weekend Wankshop?!

by Ben Eller 1 year ago

I cant remember who said this, but i believe its true: If Eruption was not on the record, this tune would have stole the show completely. What a masterpiece it is.

by Basement Rocker 1 year ago

20 dislikes are people who have been playing it wrong for years, and don't wanna hear the truth.

by Zed Chuva 1 month ago

Uncle Ben, your service to slaying bad tabs and shifty transcriptions will go down in history

by Chuck Dickens 1 year ago

My uncle used to make me go to his weekend wankshop.....lot different than this

by RMerica 1 year ago

I was hoping for more Van Halen. I havenโ€™t been able to stop playing drop dead legs since you did the lesson on it.
Please do Floods by Pantera, uncle Ben.

by Horus Lupercal 1 year ago

Step Dad speed actually sounded really cool. Just shows the incredible swing and pocket that Eddie had. Satch boogie sounds really cool at step dad speed too.

by r s 1 month ago

From start to finish, "Mean Streets" has been pretty much off limits for me...the crazy percussive slapping/tapping intro to the incredible solo, pretty tuff stuff! Or "Source of Infection"...the odd grouped tapped intro, even though I have what appears to be accurate tab, is difficult to nail at tempo. And the rhythm riff at times goes swing-ish like "I'm the One". Great work on this song though Ben, that high speed, low drag swing move has perplexed generations! Cheers

by chrisAngela 1 year ago

Ben I've seen a few tutorials on this song and I think yours is the best. Do you plan on continuing with the rest of the song? There are a number of challenging, but cool leads coming up! Thanks man

by EmPowered 1 year ago

Yo dude, found out that all of the old Van Halen albums are tuned to 445 or 446 hertz!

by Bimbambenana 1 year ago

"Really essential to play these as up-strokes.... don't do these as down-strokes... through your swing off on your right hand" yet Ben nails it nonetheless. Thank you Mr. Eller!

by Chris F 1 year ago

Kinda criminal how easy you make it look Ben. And the look you give the camera when the drums are comin' in on the opening play through -Hold on to your boots boys here it comes. Priceless.

by Chris Soares 1 year ago

The step dad speed playthrough really emphasizes the "hot rodded blues" aspect of Eddie's playing.

by austinfailz 1 year ago

Youโ€™ve never touched on Schenker yet (I donโ€™t think so)...

by DK Pitt 1 year ago

Of course, 35+ years after wearing out two cassette decks trying to figure Ed out by ear and trial and error ... this .
Why do I always do things the hard way ? XD

by G Crauwels 1 year ago

Nails the pinch harmonic...gives a knowing glance. Nice!

by Dusty 1 year ago

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