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Belmont Capital photo 1 CCIV STOCK - WILL CCIV... Belmont Capital photo 2 CCIV STOCK - WILL CCIV... Belmont Capital photo 3 CCIV STOCK - WILL CCIV... Belmont Capital photo 4 CCIV STOCK - WILL CCIV...

Feel like we CCIV share holders were screwed by the spac management. We paid the highest price to own LUCID shares. I will not be surprised to see CCIV at $15-20 range soon.

by MsSzyj 1 month ago

Your totally right as at present it has a head and shoulders pattern right now!!! Plus the chip sector has a shortage!! ๐Ÿฅบ guess who needs chips for EV vehicles?? Ya, no not looking HOT

by This too shall pass 1 month ago

Sold my original shares at 40 that I bought at 15. Bought more Today on this big ass dip they've been having hoping to get a similar return.

by RyansMods 1 month ago

Joined the Patreon last week and thereโ€™s nothing there. Literally says you havenโ€™t posted anything at all?

by tex mechanica 1 month ago

Great video, just so sad as so far down, got greedy with this stock. Learn from my mistakes and now holding on

by Reece Ranson 1 month ago

I bought in at 34... Still holding. I think tomorrow it may hit 19 in closing.

by austin arasmith 1 month ago

What are you thoughts on nano dimensions? They got almost 2 billion in cash and are on a huge dip.

by Trumper24 1 month ago

I donโ€™t know how many shakes I have left in the shaker. ๐Ÿ˜

by Money Muncher117 1 month ago

Im surprised to see so many people concerned about this stock dropping. I feel that this stock is a pretty easy return for the 2021 year. I will be picking up shares in the 20 dollar range and a lot more shares if it gets to sub 20 range. If you have shares currently, I think it would be pretty silly to sell. I did not like this stock when it ran up but, now it is looking extremely attractive after the 60% drop.

by Drake Parker 1 month ago

iโ€™m happy i got out of that yesterday โ˜๐Ÿฝโœ๏ธ

by GrantsTrades 1 month ago

This is rough water to ride, will continue to hold long term.

by ihaveasoul2ukno 1 month ago

Holding selling covered calls and compounding the gains

by NV 1 month ago

Your right Iโ€™m a 15 year old young retail investor chasing rainbows

by xManU03x 1 month ago

When do they officially merge and the stock changes name?

by Gabriel S 1 month ago

You should review Plug or MVIS

by Dingus 1 month ago

We're all getting royally f&$ked

by David K 1 month ago

CCIV doesn't conduct business or generate revenue ... according to my TD APP !

by David Teitelman 1 month ago

I'm afraid it will subside for a while

by Hugo 25 1 month ago

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