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Let's talk about Trump's base and evidence....

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Beau of the Fifth Column photo 1 Let's talk about Trump's base... Beau of the Fifth Column photo 2 Let's talk about Trump's base... Beau of the Fifth Column photo 3 Let's talk about Trump's base... Beau of the Fifth Column photo 4 Let's talk about Trump's base...

If his base cared about evidence, they wouldn’t be Trump supporters.

by Michael 2 months ago

Everyone forget that Moscow Mitch turned down six bills having to do with "election security." We all know why now...

by Steve Hirsch 2 months ago

Q: "How do you know there was widespread voter fraud?"
A: "Because Trump lost."


by C. Scott Davis 2 months ago

Jim Jones would be so proud. Even he couldn’t have calculated 70 million Followers!

by Ms. Henrée Benton 2 months ago

Just like his taxes, he's been telling that cover up lie over 4 years.

by Rick Parsons 2 months ago

Trump has a cult following it can no longer be called a “base”

by K Gray 2 months ago

Fortunately, so far the judges and legislatures HAVE had the courage to protect the integrity of our elections.....

by Occam Therazor 2 months ago

"Affront" doesn't exist in his vocabulary. There is no "too low" for him.

You've handled your comments here with wisdom and compassion. Thank you, Beau.

by Kathy Sowers 2 months ago

The spoiled billionaire openly regards real Americans as well-to-do white Christians.

The rest of us are high on the purge list.

by Uriel238 2 months ago

The media got Trump elected in 2016. The media needs to ignore him now.

by Temple of Doom 2 months ago

If someone can get you to believe in absurdities, they can get you to commit atrocities.
- Voltaire

by Pam L 2 months ago

"Evidence separates truth from fiction."

by al mar 2 months ago

He made them feel special and powerful for the first times in their lives.
This is going to come around again.

by Adam the Third 2 months ago

It's because these people were never taught civics. Most of our schools don't teach us about our Constitution. You can't expect people to defend what they don't remotely understand.

by Grass 2 months ago

The media should ignore his tweets and reactions, they are making it sound like thing will get turned around and causing fear among the people

by Hesham Alsahili 2 months ago

Mattis was right when he declared, "This man is a threat to the Constitution."

by technologic21 2 months ago

"A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims but accomplices." George Orwell

by Caeden Ross 2 months ago

His base is “reflection of him” 🤔 wow. Something to think on.

by Bfecam 2 months ago

The fact he's doing this without evidence actually HURTS what are real election integrity issues being fought by actual activists touting actual problems...

by Interdimensional Steve 2 months ago

In short he has declared war on the United States and Democracy.

by Perley Brown 2 months ago

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