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Drake: Inside OVOSOUND Radio | Apple Music

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Drake sits down with Zane Lowe on OVOSOUND Radio and talks The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj, and more. Listen to Drake on Apple Music: https://apple.co/-DrakeYT
00:00 – Intro
0:45 – Producer 40 and OVO’s Work Space in Toronto
2:30 – Other people in the studio while he’s working
4:30 – Announcing his album 2 years prior to release
5:32 – Working with Boy Wonder and 40 and releasing a mixtape
8:52 – Future’s stride when creating music
11:10 – The song he had the most fun recording with Future.
13:18 – Vocal performance and inspiration for Views
14:56 – Creating music he wants to listen to
16:25 – Getting stuff done vs getting it done right
17:23 – Hotline Bling becoming an unexpectedly huge hit
19:25 – Hotline Bling video
21:05 – Toronto’s seasons being a theme throughout Views
22:40 – The album being a reflection of his feelings
26:50 – Jay-Z’s feature in Pop Style
28:50 – Kanye’s pool and being neighbors
30:32 – Friendship and collaboration with Kanye
32:28 – Collaborations on Views
33:40 – Working with Oliver and 40
34:20 – Too Good with Rihanna.
35:48 – Not getting to collaborate with Skepta on Views
37:38 – Making a mark in hip-hop culture from Toronto
42:25 – Drake on it being his time
44:28 – Friendships since becoming successful.
45:51 – XO and The Weeknd.
48:28 – Reflecting on Toronto becoming a creative hub
51:28 – The Young Money/Cash Money controversy
51:58 – Relationship with Nicki Minaj, Birdman, and Lil Wayne
53:28 – Relationship with his mom with his name in the media
55:06 – The most memorable advice he’s gotten from his parents
56:53 – Relationship with his dad and inspiration from his parents.
1:00:34 – How his music affects the world.
1:03:14 – Acting again and building a home in Toronto.
1:05:15 – Next projects in music and in fashion.
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Respect to zane but sometimes he goes too deep into subjects unnecessarily. Drake could sneeze and he would say tell me about the moment leading up to the sneeze, how you felt at the time and the impact it had on your peers and the culture.

by Chosen 1 4 years ago

Drake is the type of person that when you ask "how much did you get on the test?" gives you a detailed 2 hour timeline of how he felt about each question then walks away without telling you how much he got.

by Ayoub 4 years ago

I don't know if anyone noticed, but Drake rarely ever curses outside of his music, that's so refreshing.

by Joe Roughneck 4 years ago

why does drake look like he leveled up? this dude looks like he absorbed meek mill, tyga and chris brown and has now become some kind of powerful beast that seems too powerful and unstoppable now. lol

by carlos martinez 4 years ago

All the ppl talking about how drake sounds so white or like a rich white man is pretty sad.
He sounds Educated, he enunciates his words.
Anyone can sound like him black or white.
You're basically saying black people can't sound educated.

by Tommy Rosiers 4 years ago

I really think Drake will be the GOAT when all is said and done...dude changed music in a big way

by boy1durrrr 4 years ago

Probably like one of the only rapper in today's game that is so well spoken

by Fayed Uddin 4 years ago

"When you start doing well... people will make you feel like an outsider." Word.

by Disturbdindahed 2 years ago

You want to know why Drake gets these haters when he puts out an album like Views? Because he isn't always doing the same thug life/trap music rap shit their favourite rappers are doing over and over again. He tries to dabble in other sounds and beats. Developing his R&B sensibility. Therefore, they call him weak and soft because they are unwiling to open themselves up to different styles.

by JDtheDrunk 4 years ago

I don't care what anyone says Views was an excellent album that will be appreciated as such one day

by David Savage 4 years ago

Who here after CLB got announced for January 2021?

by Aidan Knight 2 months ago

Who here after Rap Radar: Drake🤷‍♀️

by Shameeg Marcus 1 year ago

'Some nights we just talk' sounds like a drake tbh

by MarvellousMilo 4 years ago

drake could be a role model solely for his eloquence and confident composure, whether or not someones even a fan of his music. dudes got a serious natural elegance about him. much respect.

by Joe Ortega 4 years ago

He said "you know?" 324 times in this interview

by Edwin Medina 4 years ago

Drake is one of the most mature rappers in the game you can do nothing but give respect because he doesn't do anything to anyone doesn't start beef. Like he says he sits back and let the bullshit sit. No need for a reaction to everything. Lowkey kills me when people really be going after this man Lol like let the man do his thing.

by Sam Britt 4 years ago

nice to hear a smart interview without excessive gossip questions.

by Dwight Stewart 4 years ago

I noticed the Drake in this interview is way more reserved as if he's calculating every answer, the Drake in rap radar is way different, he's looser, more goofy, def in a better place, glad to see him doing good.

by YoseiHito 7 months ago

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