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Mic Lowry - RnB Mash Up - Radio 1Xtra

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Liverpool's newest boyband performs a live PA over their favourite tracks for Nadia Jae's Residency show on BBC 1Xtra.
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BBC Radio 1Xtra photo 1 Mic Lowry - RnB Mash... BBC Radio 1Xtra photo 2 Mic Lowry - RnB Mash... BBC Radio 1Xtra photo 3 Mic Lowry - RnB Mash... BBC Radio 1Xtra photo 4 Mic Lowry - RnB Mash...

The most underrated group ever ! They need more recognition, I’ve been a fan of them for years. Go Mic Lowry go get it !

by PMPEEM 1 year ago

Underrated. Britain doesn’t respect RnB or vocalists

by Jake Jon 1 year ago

she bursting for the toilet bless her, respect for keeping it together

by HH HH 1 year ago

How have these not blew up yet, they’ve been 🔥 for years

by Peter King 1 year ago


1. Dru Hill - How deep is your love
2. Santana - Maria Maria
3. Next - Wifey

by Bina 1 year ago

Never heard of these before but that was Quality!

by simonq7 1 year ago

I have been following these guys since 2013...cant believe they still haven't blown up yet...WHEN WILL THE MAINSTREAM SUPPORT TALENT AGAIN??

by s o 1 year ago

Best male group the UK has EVER seen vocally. Bad boys

by D I S K O R I 1 year ago

Is it just me but I love when Delleile sings and moves his hands grabbing the air and what not, yeah think it’s just me 😂💖

by Alina M 1 year ago

Doing liverpool proud these boys . Should be bigger than they . So underrated. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

by Adam Cain 1 year ago

if they released songs this style they’d blow hard

by Kaci Brookz 7 months ago

👌🏼👌🏼 followed them for ages .. they should be way more famous then they are

by Vanessa Balch 1 year ago

They need to record this in the studio. I wanna buy this mush up so bad

by Marcos Maxson 3 months ago

Guess I'm late... Never heard of them before 🤷🏽‍♀️. I’m now a fan 👍🏽.

by Kim Lee 9 months ago

The curly orange head goes INNNNNN and he’s fine AF 🤤🤤🤤😍😍😍😍👏🧡

by Shelly.Shell_ Makeup 1 year ago

I didnt want that to end! Deliele has the voice of an rnb god 😍😍

by Raabia 1 year ago

Well I was NOT expecting that when I clicked play! I could have watched an hour of this.

by Jon H 1 year ago

Delleile , Ben and Kaine are by far the best 3🔥 Need to hear more of Akia and Micheal pls c

by nbdissocoollike 1 year ago

DJ is stunning 🔥

by Spurs 25 1 year ago

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