hong kong what next for the city s activists bbc newsnight

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The UK is utterly welcome to offer refuge to these "freedom fighters" -- unconditionally, mind you !

by Feizai 1 day ago

Back in 2019, BBC disagreed with Hong Kong protests, BBC said the world will choose to embraced China because China is the second largest economy in the world. They don't foresee the threaten of China towards the world, why do people care if ONLY HK people is confronting with CCP for human rights. I watched BBC interview with Anson Chan and Alvin Yeung, those are ridiculous.

by Moo M 1 week ago

'we can't politicize everything'
Goes on to politicize the Covid-19 pandemic


by J J 1 week ago

Take back kontrol-kontrol

What that sentence reminds me of.. Hmmm..

by Jan Schlossar 2 weeks ago

What about Uyghurs! They are struggling to live under China's persecution years.

by Selim KIZILASLAN 1 week ago

Search kongsikyung. Then you can find what is and why it is wrong. Victory for our Freedom!!!

by Liberty Everywhere 1 week ago

Nothing. It is over. It always was. They need to get out ASAP.

by Joe Bloggs 2 weeks ago

I fear for the safety of these young protesters, as we know from the past people tend to vanish, never to be seen again. Good luck from England.

by max macdonald 2 weeks ago

Thank you BBC for raising the awareness of this issue... hard to avoid the ccp influence

by Yung wy 2 weeks ago

Britain has completely abandoned the people of HK

by murrayp4 2 weeks ago

Hong Kong is already not Hong Kong. There is no freedom and no personal safety.

by 玉圓 2 weeks ago

Government are nothing as long as people gather all together as one in solidarity against the authorities, people have power to topple any of them easily.

by Emkei2010 2 weeks ago

will catch u even you are other country citizens

by ccm4568 2 weeks ago

Meanwhile in the Philippines... the senate has passed a law somewhat similar to the national security law

by Paul Andre Uy 1 week ago

Your police turned on you HK..like they do everywhere.

by James Boss 2 weeks ago

this is hk this is ccp

by V. laa 2 weeks ago

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