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When a homeless couple moved in with a millionaire - BBC News

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What happens when a homeless couple move in with a millionaire?
After living on the streets of California for a decade, Greg and Marie received a remarkable invitation. A local businessman asked if they wanted to share his $4m home.
A year later, we reveal what happened next - and what the experiment tells us about America's homelessness crisis.
Video produced by Hannah Long-Higgins, Chelsea Bailey and Cody Godwin; edited by Hannah Long-Higgins.
This film is a collaboration with the San Francisco Chronicle.
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Imagine being homeless and your woman does not give up on you. Damn that woman is priceless

by The Elemans 8 months ago

The sad reason why more ppl don’t do this kind of kindness is because they don’t know who they’re letting in . My grand parents took in a homeless boy from a family friend after his mother went to prison. And that boy ended up attacking my grandmother almost killing her only 2 months after she let him in. Not every one appreciates a second chance at life this couple clearly does. Bless their heart !

by Captain Jamaica 1 month ago

Man I was homeless for a while... this... really made my eyes tear up. I didn't have anyone like this. Went it alone like so many others. I got out of it thankfully.

by Louis H 1 month ago

This is what Jesus meant by “love thy neighbor as thyself”

by Deborah 1 month ago

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by Emilio Ruiz 2 weeks ago

Mr. Terry, allowing this homeless couple live in his home, is excactly what Jesus Would Do.

by d k 1 year ago

My best friend has a 3rd grade education. He can't read and has hard time dealing with life. But he's an an amazing man, loving and genuine. Don't ever think that you're better than a person because they didn't have as good a life as you.

by John Shaft 1 month ago

I can only salute this man for not only opening his home but but opening his heart.

by Ziggy Strong 1 month ago

I was homeless at 17 in NYC. Some of the toughest time of my life. Stay strong everyone. 🙏

by Lioness268 1 month ago

I know its been a year sense this aired on here. So I am hoping to find out what has happened to this couple and the owner sense. **UPDATE THE STORY, PLEASE! Thank you, & Be Safe.

by Sugar716 O.G. 1 month ago

“I can never pretend to understand what that’s like”. Finally someone that’s just plain honest

by Juleen Forbes 1 year ago

"Imagine if everybody was like him, it'd be so much better" Well, it's not about wishing for more people like him, it's about being a person like him. They're teachers, they give us a lesson on how to be a good person, we've all just never listened.

by ninipanini 1 month ago

Even the guy narrating this story had such a hard time holding back his tears GOD is good my wife and kids and I were homeless for nearly a YEAR god it was so difficult but LORD was always there till this Day oh lord he has our back

by Oscar Mohedano 1 month ago

They shouldn't be pushing him to be involved in their life. He gave them a home, his desire for privacy us his right

by Shrodinger's Cat 2 months ago

The reason it resonated with so many people, and blew up despite Terry not wanting it to, is because he put his money where his mouth is. Most people just say "Tsk. Someone should do something....: yet they never DO anything, themselves. Here's someone doing something - you're a rare gem, Terry. As for what the couple is going through - this is something I've been saying for a long time:

First of all, if you've ever been homeless, you will always have that fear that you'll end up there again. It never leaves you.
Second of all, our government helps people who have already fallen, but what we actually need is to help people BEFORE they lose everything. Here's a scenario:

Someone is working a job, making it, but barely. As with most Americans, just a paycheck or 2 away from losing everything. One day, the car breaks down. They don't have the money to fix it right away. They don't have a bus line to get them where they need to go for work. They eventually lose their job. Then, without a car or job, they can't pay their bills. Electricity is cut off. They can't eat. They lose their place to live.

THAT is when the government wants to com in and 'help'. What we actually need is assistance before all of that happens. How about help with fixing the car? They could do some kind of agreement - pay half of it over time, half is full on assistance. Then, they can keep their place to live, keep the car, keep the job, keep being able to pay for their own food, keep the electric on, etc. Instead, we wait until people totally fail, and then step in and say, "Here's a little bit of help" which ultimately costs everyone far more money than if we were PRO active instead of REactive.

Further, let's say you're getting help. You work at it, you are determined to get out of living on assistance. The problem is, you make 1 single dollar more than the government thinks you should make, you lose the assistance you were getting. For example, let's say that you are allowed to make up to $1300 a month to receive food stamps. You're currently making $1250. But you're trying to better your life, so you work hard, and make your first step up to get out of the hole. You get a small raise. Your pay goes up to $1301 a month. You have a ways to go, but that was your first step.

Welp, guess what? There goes your $200 worth of food stamps, yet you don't make that up with your new income. Essentially, you become poorer, because now you can't afford food again, but you 'make too much money', and there's no help. You can make $1299 and get $198 in food stamps, OR you can make $1301, and no assistance for food.

What kind of sense does that make? It's the dumbest thing I've ever heard - which is why some people don't try to get out of it - they are scared of losing their assistance, because they know they will end up WORSE than if they stayed where they are GETTING the assistance.

We need more education, which should be included in "getting assistance" - sometimes that education is the very basics that many of us take for granted thinking 'everyone knows that'. No, everyone doesn't know that. We need to be PRO active, (help before total failure) not reactive (waiting until they lose it all). When someone is trying to make their life better, trying to get out of the hole, don't cut them off at the knees. Keep helping them until they get to the point that they can take on a part of their own needs - cut the food stamps down a little at a time, not completely off, for example.

It's like our government WANTS people to be poor and suffer. It makes no sense otherwise.

by Anna Stetik 2 months ago

This is going to sound cheesy but imagine if everyone in the world was as kind as him. Imagine how much better the world would be.

by Riot Ants 9 months ago

I was homeless since I was a teen, and I finally at 31 have a place. I have been judged and through a whole lot of disappointments in life but today I am stronger, wiser and know exactly what I want to accomplish for myself now that I have a place. I can finally focus now. May God bless everyone that is in need of a home.

by D Garcia 2 weeks ago

I swear I used to bring them in n out fries all the time in Los Angeles 4 years ago. Omg 😱

by k f 1 month ago

Thank you so much for giving this sweet loving couple a home bless you!

by Sue Goulding 10 hours ago

When your heart is full of pure gold. Now that is what you called family.

by Magic Shadow 1 month ago

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