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UK to change extradition deal with Hong Kong - BBC News

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Boris Johnson says the UK's extradition arrangements with Hong Kong will be changed, amid rising tensions with China.
It comes after Beijing imposed a controversial national security law on the ex-British colony, introducing new crimes with severe penalties.
The UK has already offered residency rights to three million Hong Kongers in response.
China has accused the UK of "brutal meddling" in its internal affairs.
Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is expected to confirm later that the UK will suspend its extradition treaty with Hong Kong in a statement to Parliament.
Beijing has insisted it is committed to upholding international law, and has promised a "resolute response" if the UK withdraws from extradition arrangements.
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We shall see this on WW3 documentary on 2077

by Akali 2 months ago

It’s not a ‘security law,’ it’s laws of suppression.

by pm2020 _ 2 months ago

When you bring a muppet to a nuke fight.

by Hvalpikk 2 months ago

Talk about hedging bets Boris... 😂

by Andrew Law 2 months ago

The hypocritical irony of Britain, the nation that has sold and just reinstated sales of arms to Saudi Arabia for the attempted genocide on innocent people in Yemen, the Israel oppression of Palestine enablers, the destroyers of the sovereign nation of Iraq for NO crime, is beyond belief.

by Mat Broomfield 2 months ago

China: We can break the handover deal.
Also China: You're not allowed to break the handover deal.

by k3ntris 2 months ago

Right that's the other foot shot, now on with no deal brexit for the self inflicted cou de gra.

by Spideog FoH 2 months ago

Hate to see two Great nations US and UK become a Scum nations 🤮

by RKF H 2 months ago

Wtf 😂😂😂

by II III 2 months ago

Bojo shifted to a mild attitude towards CN after hardcore actions such as 5G Ban and ending the extradition treaty for a prospective favourable trade deal, which is exactly what our boss likes to meet.

by Ace Ace 2 months ago

Good content. Continue the great work 🤗 With this content it will be easy for you to grow

by Winner Original 2 months ago


by 黃屍 1 month ago

Could somebody fix his hair please!!!

by Sasha Xiang 2 months ago

1 min 38 seconds, too much bojo cya

by Lacey Pelham 2 months ago

Basically a vast majority of the world is waiting with their fists clenched, waiting for a move that they can react to. Tread carefully.

by Bad-Bunny Blogger 2 months ago

I’m not sure why kids are sitting outside on the concrete in line behind boris. When there is still Coronavirus around. Who wants to sitting on a dirty ground no grass ???

by Star 2 months ago

It's like not talking to the wife but still demanding dinner from her...

by Beata R 2 months ago

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