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UK may end extradition to Hong Kong as tensions rise with China - BBC News

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The UK may suspend its extradition agreement with Hong Kong, in a further deterioration of relations with China..
It’s understood that may be among measures to be announced by the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab. It's in response to China’s new security law in Hong Kong, which could allow dissidents to be sent from the former British colony to mainland China..
The Foreign Office has also criticised Bejing over human rights abuses against its Muslim Uighur population.
Beijing's Ambassador to the UK has threatened that China will retaliate and has accused Downing Street of “dancing to the tune” of the United States.
Clive Myrie presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Caroline Hawley.
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We can't allow China to demand the extradition of people fleeing their oppression.

by mc 74 Two 4 months ago

We should never have allied with China in the first place. It’s a draconian regime.

by Toby Wood 4 months ago

I'm starting to see a lot of similarities I don't like

by Real Robs 4 months ago

When Israel was doing the Same shitt ... we were asleep ... what a pity

by tabarak jilani 4 months ago

US end Hong Kong's special treatment status and Australia suspend extradition agreement with Hong Kong, UK should follow their lead.

by Mike P 4 months ago

Chinese influence on our universities should end.
They are buying influence and control over our institutions.

by Billy Bob 4 months ago

Good on the UK government. Speaking as someone who lived in China for years, you've always got to take a hard line with these. They understand nothing else.

by Bill Parrish 4 months ago

Here's an idea, let's invite freedom loving Hong Kong protesters here and send all those Leftists there, it will be heaven for them

by allmerry people 4 months ago

How come they didnt worry about myanmar muslim that much then?

by rightill x 4 months ago

Where can i find that interview with the Beijing ambassador being shown the footage?

by TIBS 4 months ago

China is becoming the one thing they swore to destroy :

The empire of ja
Hold up wrong timeline*😮

by Eren Yeager 4 months ago

Re-education camps? More like concentration camps. There is 2 million of them held there!

by A B 4 months ago

This what happens when spoiled brats get power

by Kisha Joanne 4 months ago

Bbc mentions Australian experts to draw the ire of the chinese but when it comes to showing the Australian bushfires it remains silent.

by Hudson Jaxson II 4 months ago

Hong kong finna be the next Libya lmao, if that happens, I want to see what excuse the West will give this time

by Ntokozo Sibanyoni 4 months ago

This reminds me of Nazi Germany...

by Zen 4 months ago

"May end". How indecisive. Make the decision quick to make a strong statement.

by Dax 4 months ago

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