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UK confirms ban on extradition to Hong Kong as tension with China rises - BBC News

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In the latest evidence of growing tension between Britain and China the foreign secretary Dominic Raab has confirmed that the UK is suspending its extradition treaty with Hong Kong..
It's in response to Beijing's imposition of a new security law aimed at ending political protests in Hong Kong..
The UK has already offered residency rights to 3 million Hong Kong citizens but China has accused the UK of “brutal meddling” in its internal affairs.
In Hong Kong pro-democracy campaigners who fought against the introduction of the security law say they're being pursued by the Chinese authorities..
Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting from Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg and from Danny Vincent in Hong Kong..
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BBC News photo 1 UK confirms ban on extradition... BBC News photo 2 UK confirms ban on extradition... BBC News photo 3 UK confirms ban on extradition... BBC News photo 4 UK confirms ban on extradition...

This whole year is planned like a chapter in a thick book

by Lkassimi10 4 months ago

China telling other countries how to behave more morally or ethically is cute 🤗 oh the hypocrisy.

by Aaron G 4 months ago

I’m glad UK is waking up

by Ally W 3 months ago

God bless the Queen, and God bless the United Kingdom!

by Mustafa Kasim 4 months ago

2020 is jus gonna be a hell of a rollercoaster 🤯

by Marcus Muriithi 4 months ago

Revoke Lams British passport IMMEDIATELY! Ban her from travelling to the UK and if she has any assets in the UK, freeze those assets!

by Francis Saunders 4 months ago

These people got used to freedom. Can't imagine what its like knowing in a few decades that'll be taken away

by Erick Rodriguez 4 months ago

“We have to nurture the younger generation of Hong Kong” The creepiness or that Chinese agent saying that sent chills down my spine...

by The Sly Fox 4 months ago

2020 Is a video game..Im sure Ive already played this level.

by 1066BooBoy 4 months ago

Chinese bots incoming

by Andrew 4 months ago

So far china you managed to piss off the uk, us, vietnam, india, australia, and other countries surrounding your own when are they getting flattened?

by MobilGames 3 months ago

Winnie the Pooh is watching...

by 吳生 4 months ago

UK 🇬🇧 you are the smartest country in world, please don't give up to freedom, to your principles,,,in this chaos of the planet,,please be again with the people !

by Alexandra Alexe 4 months ago

China is the Soviet Union of the 21st century.
Edit: They don't punish private initiative this time, but if you ever try to criticize the One Party, even in secret, you will end up in jail.

by Freddy Flores Ortega 4 months ago

Any Country in the world will take in Hong Kong Refugees. No Question.

by badgerbox 4 months ago

China's going to need a image change after this year.

by Benji Winger 4 months ago

“teach them a sense of country & patriotism”
Just like how we are teaching the Muslim population in China

by Nic holas 4 months ago

Read between the lines on the comment about children and what is really said was about the indoctrination of the younger generation

by Andrew Cummings 3 months ago

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