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Among Us Explained - How To Play Among Us On PC/Android/IOS

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Hey guys here is a first video about among us. How to play among us. among us guide. Among us on ps4? Among us on xbox one? If you guys want more make sure to like and comment..
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#amongus #howto #explained #bawsarnold

#among us

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Among us release - 2018
*Also among us on trending in 2020

by Vedant 8 months ago

*gets ejected
Hilarious lol.

by Zack Moore 8 months ago

When he typed Bruh I started dying 🤣🤣

by Brandon Ford 8 months ago

I used to play among us when there was one map, no cosmetics and everyone was new it was amazing.

by Khalid Ahmed 8 months ago

i can’t believe i’m trying to learn how to play this beacause of vinnie

by anastasija pasic 7 months ago

I don't wanna know why it's popular, I wanna know how it got popular, it's been silent for 2 years, and then I get a notification of a youtuber streaming among us, out of nowhere

by Random Person 8 months ago

Thxs I was so confused when I downloaded the game.

by Llenn 8 months ago

Everyone was so mean to me they were like "vote" "vote already pink" "tf hurry up" and I said I was new to the game, I'm shook that's why I'm here :)

by cloxdy weathrr 7 months ago

These people kicked me out of the game because I was trying to vote but I didn’t know how 😂🤣

by Teabangy S 7 months ago

“I tried to talk my way out of it”

Speech 100/100

by Roddy Dykes 4 months ago

among us : who are you ?
deceit : am you but much better.

by XENON 8 months ago

any other Monbebe here trying to learn how to play because of Kihyun & Minhyuk?

by Valina Hassaram 7 months ago

i wanna play this so bad but i'm too anxious to talk to other people lmao

by Whalien 52 7 months ago

if only I had a dollar every time he said the word “Acutely”

by Dragon Rex 8 months ago

Who else is watching this because all their friends are playing it and it’s blown up in the past week-?

by Imani Tillis 6 months ago

“so over here i actually got killed,” IDK WHY THAT SOUNDED SO FUNNY

by ashlee adolf 7 months ago

someone didn’t call an emergency meeting they jus found the dead body

by SOSA 7 months ago

I’m to scared to talk💀 I feel like I’d mess up my words

by soup 7 months ago

I Saw it very much on youtube and started playing it yesterday its Much fun

by Captagon 8 months ago

Can't believe I'm here to learn this just because of bambam

by Sha non 7 months ago

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