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Batman: Arkham Asylum - Full Game Walkthrough in 4K [Xbox One X Enhanced]

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Batman: Return to Arkham - Arkham Asylum Full Movie Walkthrough / Guide Video in Hardcore Difficulty - 4K Ultra HD [Played on Xbox One X Enhanced]
Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough Playlist: https://bit.ly/2ZEYF4x
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0:00 - Introduction / Intensive Treatment
46:01 - Exploring Arkham Island
1:06:30 - The Medical Facility
1:27:44 - Scarecrow (First Encounter)
1:39:03 - Bane Boss Fight
1:51:27 - The Batcave
1:55:11 - Old Sewer
2:09:05 - Arkham Mansion
2:34:34 - Scarecrow (Second Encounter)
2:43:21 - Zsasz
2:56:50 - The Penitentiary
3:18:40 - Harley Quinn
3:37:22 - The Botanical Gardens
3:58:11 - Titan Henchmen Fight
4:24:48 - Intensive Treatment
4:28:46 - Scarecrow (Third Encounter)
4:44:10 - Killer Croc
4:54:08 - Old Sewer / Batcave
5:12:57 - Titan Henchman Fight (Pressure Control Junction)
5:27:20 - Poison Ivy Boss Fight
5:35:33 - Riddler & The Spirit of Arkham
5:39:42 - Joker's Party
5:43:16 - Titan Henchmen Fight (Penitentiary)
5:51:30 - Titan Joker (Final Fight)
6:00:34 - End Credits
6:06:56 - Post-credits Scenes (Bane, Scarecrow, Killer Croc)
#Batman #BatmanArkham #ArkhamAsylum
This channel is in no way associated with Rocksteady Studios or Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.
Batman Arkham Videos is a fan channel dedicated to bringing you the latest news, guides and videos from the Batman Arkham video game series.
Welcome to the Madhouse! Descend into the core of the criminally insane as The Joker launches his most diabolical plot ever. The inmates of Arkham have been set free - and it's up to Batman, to bring order to the chaos and take back the Asylum. Explore the depths of this never-before-seen island as you experience the darkest journey of Batman's life.
Written by Paul Dini and featuring the voice talents of Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy.

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