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Travis Scott - goosebumps ft. Kendrick Lamar (Bass Boost)

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Bass Demon photo 1 Travis Scott - goosebumps ft.... Bass Demon photo 2 Travis Scott - goosebumps ft.... Bass Demon photo 3 Travis Scott - goosebumps ft.... Bass Demon photo 4 Travis Scott - goosebumps ft....

5 million views... I actually don’t know what to say. I love you guys for all the support you’ve been giving me!

by Bass Demon 1 months ago

Me: plays this song

My little brother: fOrTnItE

by Jake Playz 1 months ago

This beat drops harder than my grandma down the stairs

by gregory bunch 2 months ago

This beat drops harder than my grandma falling down but she’s the highest in the room

by 1 sub before 2021 3 weeks ago

I showed this to my turtle...

He is still a turtle but I think he liked it

by Exotic Tax 1 months ago

Me: Turns volume to 100%
Dad: Turn that off !
Me: Why ?
Dad: We have bigger speakers downstrairs.
(Edit: Thank you guys so much for 600+ likes)

by ControlledEnergy 2 months ago

This is my Mom's "most listened to" song.


by Jeffery Leafzer 1 months ago

I played this song in my helmet while I'm massacring people with my lightsaber and Im undefeated

by Darth Vader 1 months ago

i looked up 6 different bassboosted versions of this song and this is the best one so you just got a new subscriber

by Psycho Crazy 2 years ago

bass so hard my grandpa thought nazi is coming back

by lepp 2 months ago

I played this on my car speaker and my mum screamed

by x8 theo 2 months ago

I played this in my car I was shaking in every beat

by Hiram Avalos 2 months ago

This beat hits harder then the kids banging on the door in my basement.

by Griffin Wilson 2 weeks ago

I played this in my austin allegro, now its a 2020 Escalade

by Nikolas Gunadi 1 months ago

Travis has like the deepest voice, i like it

by Berzia 1 weeks ago

Bass Demon: Copyright Disclaimer.
Youtube: Copyright!!!

by SamL3xtrem 3 1 months ago

No one:

Absolutely no one:

5 year olds: ItS tHe GuY fRoM fOrTnItE

by Dead Deidara 1 months ago

i did a poll at a random school would you rather sing the old school anthem
or this
school: THISSSSSSS!!!!!!!

by SAMPLAYZBLOX 1 months ago

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