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Basic Filing System

#Howto & Style
How we set up a basic filing system for our clients. You can do it too.

Basic Organization photo 1 Basic Filing System Basic Organization photo 2 Basic Filing System Basic Organization photo 3 Basic Filing System Basic Organization photo 4 Basic Filing System

Yours is the only system I found extremely useful out of numerous YouTube videos that I watched on this topic. Itโ€™s not complicated, overly excessive, and has relatable categories. Thank you for sharing.

by Chani P 2 years ago

Love this! Thanks so much! This will help me as I revamp our filing system.

by Stan Jr 2 years ago

It is really very helpful for me and now I clearly know about filling system thanks allot mam ๐Ÿ‘

by Komalpreet Kaur 7 months ago

I have watched many filing videos and yours is the best- simple but easy to understand. The whole main category and subcategories and how you went through them helped me tremendously. Thanks! Finally after 20 years of a filing mess i cleaned it all out today and organized my files for our business - took 13 hours but it was so worth it. Old stuff is filed in file boxes by year back seven years and only current stuff is in the office file. Stuff older than seven years is shredded.

by Caroline Booy 2 years ago

You helped me immensely. Thank you for uploading that!

by Daphne Duryea 1 year ago

This is the best video for the way I think. Thank you!

by Tom Vitello 5 months ago

Thank you, this is so simple. I just bought some folders for my new filing cabinet, so Iโ€™m about to get very organized!

by Zara Moon 1 month ago

I agree with Chani P comment!! If you can do one for small business too, It will be very helpful as well. Thank you.

by Vanessa Echeverria 1 year ago

This is superb... thanx a ton... stay blessed n stay happy...

by rachna pathak 2 years ago

Very helpful. Do you have a Master List of all the categories and file folders that you show?

by Michelle Gauer 9 months ago

It has been very helpful in learning

by Mary Odanga 2 years ago

Seems quite helpful. In various job applications I am applying for, they ask for filing skills. How is filing in an office as an office clerk/assistant different from what's shown in the video?

by Black Jack 1 year ago

i can't find super large tabs labels like you show in this video. how did you make or find them?

by Desert Garden Prepper 7 months ago

Very nice! But I was wondering whatโ€™s inside. Is there a binder with fastener inside colored folder file?

by Beautiful Lady 2 years ago

I'm in Canada so maybe we call some things differently, but what is an HOA or an EOB? I like this system very much. I just want a system that is very basic without the expense and complications of some systems.

by Monica Tomaras 1 year ago

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