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UFC 242 ดัสติน พอยริเออร์ : Dustin Poirier vs Max Holloway

B BUZZER photo 1 UFC 242 ดัสติน พอยริเออร์ ... B BUZZER photo 2 UFC 242 ดัสติน พอยริเออร์ ... B BUZZER photo 3 UFC 242 ดัสติน พอยริเออร์ ... B BUZZER photo 4 UFC 242 ดัสติน พอยริเออร์ ...

This was the Adesanya Gastelum card..
Imagine people who’ve never watched an mma fight at this event haha.

by Bboy Cosmo 9 months ago

it was so good that the commentators forgot to analyze

by EVER FUENTES MEZA 10 months ago

Dustin looks one weight class heavier than Max.

by bashir6789 9 months ago

Imagine if Max stayed at this weight class and fought Ferguson. That would've been a war.

by rick g 5 months ago

Dustin’s boxing is crisp. No coincidence he trains with masvidal. Iron sharpens iron.

by Snoop D go double g 9 months ago

For all the Volkanovski fans who said he won that second fight with Max, THIS is what beating Max Holloway actually looks like

by SK 4 months ago

Dustin"s Striking defense is most underrated, THE way he uses his elbows for defense is just amazing!!!

by raj moradiya 2 days ago

After watching Max brutalise Ortega and Kattar. It just shows, how good is Porier to have beaten Max up like he did.

by Topspur76 3 months ago

Imagine being so in shape and so mentally tough that you can keep up this pace and get hit this much for 5 min at a time round after round.

by Isabelle Turtle 8 months ago

Max: I'm the best Boxer in the Ufc
Dustin: ......

Both are great fighters and very respectful.

by Meka 1 month ago

the face of a man who just realized his dream. Thanks for representing the 337 like a Champ Dustin!

by Joshua Patrick 9 months ago

Beating max Holloway like this is no joke ..Dustin is going to rule his class

by janmejay panda 9 months ago

I keep coming back thinking, now Holloway knows how Ortega felt after their fight in terms of his face vs his opponent..

by Joshua Patrick 9 months ago

lol Cormier just like "THESE BOYS ARE GOING AT IT!!!" hahaha hes just so excited, i love how hes a fan as well as a fighter

by mags 8 months ago

Ref had the best seat look at him smiling lmao

by Kautsar MW 7 months ago

Didn't anybody noticed about Holloway's son yelling during the whole fight?😂

by Willy Cabós 3 days ago

Literally never get tired of watching Dustin's fights.

by opinion 3 months ago

Dustins counter lead hook is one of the best I’ve ever watched. Ever

by Ashton B 4 months ago

Dustin: effortlessly blocks a flurry of strikes
DC: Holloway puts those combinations together so well
Me: are we watching the same goddamn fight?

by Mr Rich Stokes 3 days ago

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