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So it's true! James Charles cancels friendship with Emma Chamberlain

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WOAH!!! Did James Charles actually just throw major shade at Emma Chamberlain?!.
James is at NYFW this week, but one night he decided to go live on Instagram. When people started shouting out names of who he should go hang out with at fashion week, one fan commented that Emma was there. He said, “uhhhh no… not going to hang out with her” Once James had realized what he said, he tried to correct it while still on live saying it was stupid to say that and he claims there were three names that came up at once. While Emma’s name did pop up, some fans are pointing out Tana Mongeau’s name popped up first.
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AwesomenessTV photo 1 So it's true! James Charles... AwesomenessTV photo 2 So it's true! James Charles... AwesomenessTV photo 3 So it's true! James Charles... AwesomenessTV photo 4 So it's true! James Charles...

Extra points if you can guess what show our editor is working on in the background...👀

by AwesomenessTV 1 year ago

I feel like James is that person from high school who would act like he didn’t want anything to do with certain people but then if they asked him to hangout he would jump on the opportunity

by Ally Renee 1 year ago

can y’all maybe just show the actual video instead of just quoting him? lmao

by NJOONFAIRY 1 year ago

james charles looks like miley cyrus from 2013

by _elissiaxo 1 year ago

We don’t know what happens behind the scenes

by Issa Nyia 1 year ago

He says all this but if Emma and the Dolan twins asked to hang out I feel like he would follow them like a lost puppy

by Yasmine 1 year ago

WHY does Tana keep hanging out with people's ex's tho?? She did the same to Bella ...

by DionaLatia 1 year ago

Emma's tried making things right but he just sounds toxic

by mohamad abd alhai 1 year ago

they became friends again he confirmed it!!!

by maya johnston 5 months ago

How is this drama? Him saying he doesn’t want to hang with her is no ones business he isn’t required to like anyone

by Zach Mencke 1 year ago

Breaking news a typical gay dude and a typical girl weren’t real friends....shocking 🙄

by Kyle 1 year ago

Why is this such a big deal? If he doesn't want to hang out with Emma that's fine

by Shanti 1 year ago

“James Charles is in drama.. again” says the channel who instigates it

by Yessenia 1 year ago

Tana was hanging with Gage? He was most def talking about her NOT Emma.

by cynt macz 1 year ago

Wow lol james and Emma just followed each other today hehhehehe

by Jalal Khorfan 5 months ago

They are trying to be unproblematic but everyone wants the teaaaa

by Destiny Copper 1 year ago

but who was the third name tho? Why did it have to be Tana or Emma?

by ShamW0Wzer 1 year ago

Remember Emma and Dolan twins slowly distanced themselves when James was under fire. Rather than back him up.

by Amitabh Bachchan 9 months ago

Tana,James Charles ....... sis I need a metal straw and some boba ASAP

by HoneyTV X 1 year ago

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