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Bleaching Hair with Box Dye

Avielle Larson photo 1 Bleaching Hair with Box Dye Avielle Larson photo 2 Bleaching Hair with Box Dye Avielle Larson photo 3 Bleaching Hair with Box Dye Avielle Larson photo 4 Bleaching Hair with Box Dye

Me watching as many box dye videos as possible bc with all Sallyโ€™s being closed Target is my only option

by SunnyandSantana 5 months ago

I hope brad mondo reacts to this cause heโ€™ll be happy

by Cassidy Josey 5 months ago

I feel like the โ€œsplotchyโ€ looks like highlights it turned out super good!

by Keeleigh gerth 4 months ago

ok guys listen to me. i have naturally black hair and i went to a salon to go ashy light blond. i asked the salon lady what color they used on me and she was like "its professional colour u wont be able to get it" so two months go by and my uglyass BLACK roots come in. so i bleached them twice and my hair became this horrible white and yellow patchy color it was bad. i tried wella t11 . expensive ass purple shampoo and conditioner. Nothing worked. i looked like a used up highlighter. So i went to walmart and bought this $3 dye by revlon called champagne blond and put it on. BAM my hair went from big birds genitalia to ASHY shiny healthy looking blond. I was shocked. Box hair dye is amazing folks. It saved my hair

by Mishel kamal 5 months ago

You did a great job for someone who used only one hair tie...

by Luuu bna 5 months ago

Your hair looks naturally blond! Awesome result, but everyone is different, and might not work for everyone!

by Natasha Gvozd 4 months ago

Watching this because I have 2 boxes of Garnier in the platinum blonde color on my bathroom counter taunting me ๐Ÿ˜† Iโ€™m so scared though ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

by AshleyDerrick5 4 months ago

" i was gonna stay away from my roots but I kind of ...just ....lost control." Hahah this is SOO me

by Danielle and angel nieves 1 week ago

Your hair is so pretty. You have the hair I wanted growing up. Love the color even before even though I cant pull off that gold color. I was scared for you ive never had good results with Nutrisse but glad it turne d out so well.

by Cindy Snow 5 months ago

okay tell me why this looks so cute and so pretty like omg

by Avah Umberger 3 months ago

it looks SO good!! healthy too!

by Autumn 5 months ago

I actually laughed out loud a few times ๐Ÿ˜‚ youโ€™re too funny. And I love how it turned out! Iโ€™m tempted to try this

by Rachel Lynne 4 months ago

You got exactly what I got! We super twinning there, hopefully my hair turns out as good!

by Cassidy Dale 4 months ago

I am so glad you did this as out hair color is very similar, brassy is just in our hair, and thick mine is super thick. Thank you!

by TheDoePatrol 3 weeks ago

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