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A Solid 20 Minutes of Useless Information

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#useless information

AustinMcConnell photo 1 A Solid 20 Minutes of... AustinMcConnell photo 2 A Solid 20 Minutes of... AustinMcConnell photo 3 A Solid 20 Minutes of... AustinMcConnell photo 4 A Solid 20 Minutes of...

"HAH!! YOU CALL THAT USELESS? Let me tell you whats useless, hold me engineer degree"

by Ryan Proto 2 weeks ago

Schools: “Are you kidding me? That’s insultingly low!”

by Ronan Raw 3 weeks ago

“20 minutes of useless information”
“This video is sponsored by square space”

Off to a solid start

by KillerKitten753 1 month ago

20 minutes of useless information.
Schools: Thats insultingly low

by JOSEPH DEJEU 1 month ago

multiply 20x20. then it would would be school.

by Lxzy 1 month ago

Teacher: Wow I’m impressed it’s so quiet in here, I could hear a paper clip drop!
The paper clip:

by Cher_ri3z Z 3 weeks ago

Me: reads title
My brain: did you mean "School"

by L0G 0FF 4 weeks ago

"YKK owns 90 percent of zippers and fasteners"
Me: Looks down at my jacket zipper


by Ginger Muffin 1 month ago

“Please, PLEASE do not make me do half an hour”

Okay. 29 minutes and 59 seconds it is

by MisterTwister 2 months ago

Austin: "Useless Info"

YouTube: I need to tell this to people cuz title is so new

by Livin' like Justin Y. 3 weeks ago

A Solid 20 Minutes of Useless Information: *exist*
My INTP ass: haha my time go brr brr

by Joel 2 weeks ago

"harry was SEVERAL streets away before he collapsed onto a low wall in magnolina crescent, panting from the effort of dragging his trunk."

by ABEEZARTZ 1 month ago

"most people spend their lives asleep"

me watching it at 2am: impostor

by Kinga Horváth 1 month ago

“A solid 20 minutes of useless information.”
Schools: “Are you challenging me?”

by ItalianCat29 1 month ago

“The fortune cookie isn’t from China”

Me who just watched Iron Man 3

by ash 2 weeks ago

Perfectionists: "Well ACTually, it's nOT a solid 20 minutes."

by PORCELAINDOLL 3 weeks ago

“A solid 20 minutes of useless information”
1.6 million people: “interesting”

by Whiterun Guard 4 weeks ago

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