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King Von "Why He Told / Took Her To The O" (Live Piano Medley) | Fine Tuned

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King Von, Chicago artist, performs a medley of his hit singles "Why He Told" and "Took Her To The O" alongside live piano by producer Chopsquad DJ for Fine Tuned with Audiomack.
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The piano is brings his lyrics to life. Pain in his voice

by C Miller 2 months ago

If Bethoven was gangsta from Chicago

by m i s k e c 2 months ago

Three things that certain
1- Death
2- Taxes
3- King Von not from 63rd

by Hasan Gürel 2 months ago

“Grandpa Von tell us a story!”

“Now here we go...”

by Polish My Nuts 2 months ago

Crazy how automack take a hood song and make it sound so beautiful 😂💪🏾🤯

by Keith TV 2 months ago

How is he not on xxl 2020 freshman list smh dude is great artist

by Dq Smooth 2 months ago

Von is an incredible live performer. That’s rare.

by Bruce Michael 2 months ago

change the instrumental & most these gangsta ass street songs are really just emotional war stories 💪🏾💯 dont let that hover over yall

by Truly Makel 2 months ago

You can hear the pain in his voice when he performed Why he told

by Drip 1K 2 months ago

Not gonna hold u, hearing this like this dead made me like this song even more.. Dead heard the pain in his voice..

by Stakk Kennedy 2 months ago

Oh damn he killed that first one!! All emotional and shit

by CapriSum 2 months ago

How von not a 2020 XXL Freshman!!!!???!😕

by tee tee 2 months ago

I don’t know why but the fact that the piano player was black made me happy

by Shifnes2x 2 months ago

Tbh von voice already sounds like a rapper like he dont even gotta try

by Nbk poozi 2 months ago

Mozart been really quiet since this dropped… 👀

by emiel 2 months ago

Dam you can tell von really hurt mane why he told really means a lot to him bro 💪 dam this the most likes I’ve ever gotten shit 😭

by Gamer Pro 2 months ago

Aye but that piano is sounding fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

by C 4 2 months ago

I Don’t think stories like this are made from pure imagination....

by José González 1 month ago

Autotune: you need me?
Von: no YOU need me.

by Sam 1 month ago

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