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Burna Boy Performs “Ye“ With Live Orchestra | Audiomack Trap Symphony

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Burna Boy performs his hit single “Ye” from his album ‘Outside’ alongside an eight-piece orchestra for Trap Symphony.
Audiomack’s Trap Symphony is a live performance video series that brings musical worlds together, pairing hip-hop’s biggest stars with an orchestral ensemble to recreate their biggest hits..
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Director: Erikson Corniel
Musical Direction & Arrangement: John Cleary
Camera: Erikson Corniel, Michael Mejia & Xza Scott
Production: John Cleary, Erikson Corniel & Taylor Guttenberg
Piano: Matt Compo
Drums: Jon Brick
Strings: The Velveteen Ensemble
Recorded by David Slitzky at The Bunker Studio
Mixing: John Cleary
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#TrapSymphony #BurnaBoy #Ye

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by audiomack 1 year ago

My Guys Voice Sounds exactly like the record..... Thats Real Vocals 🙌🏾

by Lejoka 1 year ago

If they don’t be playing this at my funeral, I’m not going!!

by Mzingaye Ndlovu 1 year ago

When the artist sounds exactly like his studio song version in live you know you listening to a real one. Big up yuh self Burna!!. Greetings from Trinidad and Tobago

by Michael M. 1 year ago

One observation: Music is a universal language.

by Tumayi Mak 1 year ago

When he was told Coachella off b/c his name wasnt enlarged, alot of ppl criticized him and asked “who he thought he was?” That didn’t stop him because he knew his worth.

Lesson: know your worth and add tax!!

by Faye 1 year ago

It's unhealthy the amount of times I listened to this. I love classical music and I'm from Jamaica 😎😎😎🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

by Aly Claire 1 year ago

The instrumental is crazy. The producer deserves accolades for that in itself

by Safiya 1 year ago

burna is one of them few artist that doesnt get that credit they deserve. man this guy sound the same as the record. cant lie i have been sleeping on this man. only if i just understood everything he said aswell.

by Adam Ali Mohamed 1 year ago

Me: Hello 911 fire department??
911 FD: Burna again??
Me: YASS ! 👐🏽

by Richard M 1 year ago

Someone said Burna has the best team in Africa but what they didn’t realize is that Africa is Burns’s team

by BIG D 1 year ago

He’s voice is so pure and real his voice is not catfish💯😳💕

by rawwonecc 10 months ago

Making Nigerians endlessly proud every day. This was so dope

by Anwuli Okonjo 1 year ago

Someone's gonna come here and start shouting WizKid or Davido. This is Africa giant, you best believe that.

by Adebisi Adeleke - Williams 1 year ago

The way the violins n orchestra be complimenting him. This is unreal

by FlexttHD 1 year ago

This orchestra did justice to the Burna sound. Clean AF

by Isiejeme0829 1 year ago

Who else is watching and busy liking comment after comment? Oh mad gan... Chaiiii

by Jman 11 months ago

He sounds the same on the track.... I don’t understand shit but I love it 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

by Hello Universe 1 year ago

If you are in the DIASPORA, far far away from home but feeling proud as a Nigerian 🇳🇬 then Mark your presence here.

by Gilbert Denila 1 year ago

My man Burna out here looking like Offset

by Lucky Mirre 1 year ago

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