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He's Right Tho | Tom MacDonald - "Im Corny" (TOM MACDONALD DISS)

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Tom MacDonald - "Im Corny" (TOM MACDONALD DISS)

#mac lethal #hip hop #ryan upchurch #rap #juggalo #tech n9ne #yelawolf #quadeca #rittz #adam calhoun #nf #merkules #lil dicky #violent j #mgk #pouya #logic #twiztid #jellyroll #joyner lucas #falling in reverse #krizz kaliko #diss track #token #madchild #crypt #chris webby #whiteboy #hopsin #country rap #shaggy 2 dope #machine gun kelly #rap beef #r.a. the rugged man #icp #struggle #tom macdonald #upchurch #boondox #horrorcore #strange music

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Slamming the cans of corn together is paying homage to the wrestler Stone Cold

by Scottie Compton 1 month ago

I feel like he did the hook 4 times at the end because of how many people complain about his hooks all the time. Lol

by braves3526 1 month ago

In this song their hate did help to pay his bills

by Sharon Bolton 1 month ago

The Man Dissed Himself to Prove HE DONT CARE !!!

by AdarkiPLIER 1 month ago

Technically the haters do pay his bills because They watch his videos to just leave a hate comment

by Anonymous 234 1 month ago

He definitely repeated the hook so much since people always complain about his hooks, this video had me laughing so much๐Ÿ˜‚

by Kate B 1 month ago

Ironically, their hate does contribute to his success...which they hate.

by Eman Gamer 1 month ago

No observance of the motif of the video?

Heโ€™s showing kids how to deal with verbal bullying. THAT is more important than teaching kids that โ€œwords have power.โ€

Tom is teaching kids that THEY have power, not words.

Words do not define you.

You define yourself.

by Joseph Coon 1 month ago

He put out his own diss track, lol I love Tom lol

by Samurai Stoner 1 month ago

it takes a special kind of person to take the crap n make fun of themselves like this that's why no matter what people say their opinion is just that, opinions. him n you are original in who yall are and yall dont let ppl stunt yo growth n tear down your character.

by Ashley Gonzalez Rocha 1 month ago

Somebody's running you down, ask em how their day's going.Chances are they have some shit going on and they just wish they could tell somebody.

by Chris Davis 1 month ago

This was too funny , love Tom macdonald!!

by amy thompson 1 month ago

Tom too real to be signed to any label he doing way better than those celebreties now in days you keep going Tom #1 fan here ๐Ÿ˜

by Sandra Mendoza 1 month ago

Oh damn, I'm here before Tom MacDonald himself! Love Tom and Nova, such a great power couple. Song is fire! ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

by BLaZe v OPtixZz 1 month ago

Heyy Artofkickz in this video the little kid with the glasses is my nephew and I was at this when he was making this video.. hes so kool and funny... absolutely love him and his videos..oh yeah my nephew is also the little kid in the music video "if I was black hes wearing his glasses and in a green shit"

by Brittany Gidley 1 month ago

dang how do ya'll get here so quick XD

by Auz10 1 month ago

Check out "god we need you now" by struggle

by Spenser Goebel 1 month ago

He dissed everything, what's next?

by Ali Eldhaw 1 month ago

It's almost like Tom is dropping therapy on the people that need it most.
Through rap.
I like it.

by incarnadinelifestyle 1 month ago

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