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A State Of Trance Episode 976 [@A State Of Trance]

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A State Of Trance Episode 976 [A State Of Trance]
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- A State Of Trance - Intro (00:00:00)
- TUNE OF THE WEEK: Assaf & Cassandra Grey - Lost At Sea (00:01:33)
- PROGRESSIVE PICK: Scorz feat. Diana Leah - Come To Life (00:05:08)
- Alex Sonata & TheRio feat. Gid Sedgwick - Awakening (00:08:44)
- Morgan Page & Mark Sixma - Our Song (Orjan Nilsen Remix) (00:11:36)
- Super8 & Tab feat. Roxanne Emery - Calm The Storm (00:13:41)
- Joe Smooth - Promised Land (Cosmic Gate's No Gravity Remix) (00:17:43)
- Andrew Rayel & Robbie Seed feat. That Girl - Stars Collide (Eli & Dani Remix) (00:23:34)
- OTIOT - Show Me Your Power (00:27:21)
- Protoculture - Shine (00:30:37)
- Giuseppe Ottaviani feat. Sue McLaren - Not One Goodbye (00:37:32)
- LTN & Christina Novelli - I'd Go Back (Dave Neven Remix) (00:40:31)
- ReOrder and XiJaro & Pitch - Elevate (00:44:27)
- Andy Moor & Somna feat. Monika Santucci - Free Fall (Millennial's On Full Force Remix) (00:47:41)
- Ronski Speed feat. Emma Hewitt - Lasting Light (Exolight & Suncatcher Remix) (00:51:40)
- SERVICE FOR DREAMERS: Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge - Mansion (00:56:29)
- Robbie Seed & Jimmy Chou & Digital Vision - No More Tears (01:01:10)
- FUTURE FAVORITE: Ruben de Ronde feat. EKE - Wanderlust (Eugenio Tokarev Remix) (01:06:09)
- Christopher Corrigan - Auspicious (01:09:26)
- GXD feat. Elle Vee - Voices (Photographer Remix) (01:13:05)
- Jimmy Chou - Wayfarer (01:16:49)
- AVIRA - Miracles (01:20:20)
- York - Reachers Of Civilizations (AVIRA Remix) (01:26:01)
- Tom Staar x AVIRA - Control (01:29:55)
- Analog Sol - Trinidad Dreams (AVIRA Remix) (01:36:41)
- Triple Concept - Tonetwister (Talla 2XLC Remix) (01:42:55)
- Vimana - We Came (Sneijder Remix) (01:46:37)
- BT & Emma Hewitt - No Warning Lights (Sean Tyas Remix) (01:49:41)
- Muhamed Sherief - Jaan (Aimoon Remix) (01:53:30)
- MaRLo - BOOM (MatricK Remix) (01:57:09)
- A State Of Trance - Outro (02:00:49)

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I'm prom jakarta indonesia, I like 💯% armin van booren music.

by Aki Aki Genit 2 weeks ago

Thank you so much to Armin, Ruben and the ASOT fam for welcoming me on this week’s show! Hope you guys enjoyed the music ❤️

by AVIRA 2 weeks ago

I listen to MANY types of music, but Trance is just something that takes me to another dimension.
Some tracks are almost like an "evidence" that there is a heaven.

by CzechRiot 1 week ago

Giuseppe ottaviani is so underrated . I first sall him at dreamstate, he can really get the crowd moving

by Raul JR Lara 1 day ago

2 hrs trance energy in a period that never wants to end. Thanks again guys for these 2 pleasant hours while working from home.👍👌 And for all of you stay healthy!

by Ton van Velzen 2 weeks ago

This episode has blown my mind. So many immeasurably incredible tracks lifted me up into heaven. What a fortune to be able to listen to so many masterpieces in a single episode...

by QuarQ QuarQ 2 weeks ago

Let's shine!! !! Let the light shine in!!!!!!!! But Why are you so serious when you got the party at your hands!!!!!!!

by Alfredo García Balderas 2 weeks ago

Thanks king 👑 Armin & Rubin for another A State of Trance episode

by Luis Paz 2 weeks ago

Awesome! 10 times this year my works played into ASOT radioshow incl 2FF!!!
Many thanks to Armin, Ruben and Ferry for really massive support this year <3 And many thanks to everyone who love and voting for my music <3<3<3 I really appreciate it!

by Aimoon 2 weeks ago

They just keep getting better and better!!!! Amazing tracks as always, love love love it!!! Greetings from Upstate NY!

by BattleAxWarior 2 weeks ago

so cool to finally hear the finished track from Reorder's tutorial on Armada uni!!

by BIGMOO 3 days ago


by Justyna Stanke Stanke 2 weeks ago

Reachers OF Civilisation!!!!! OMG. You just took me all the way back to when In Search Of Sunrise 1 was released. SO many HAPPY memories. Classic. Love it.

by zulfikaar camroodien 2 weeks ago

Progressive and Massive,as usually.Thanks again for your magnificent set!

by Евгений Odessa 2 weeks ago

Great show, LOVE the vocal tracks, stay safe everyone, Greetings from Trinidad

by ClectaSkiMusic 2 weeks ago

Feels like every single new Guiseppe Ottaviani release get's played on ASOT these days lol.

by Furry Scythe 2 weeks ago

This is perfeclty awesome as always! I like every dj that performed here on ASOT, but I have a feeling that something happend to Armin and this is why he's only doing only 1 hour now instead of 2 as it used to.
Something happend since the Covid lock down.. :(

by Ionut's Travel Life 2 weeks ago

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