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Playing On A Millionaire ONLY Server In Minecraft!

Aphmau photo 1 Playing On A Millionaire ONLY... Aphmau photo 2 Playing On A Millionaire ONLY... Aphmau photo 3 Playing On A Millionaire ONLY... Aphmau photo 4 Playing On A Millionaire ONLY...

Maximilian: "I am here to let u know you are to move immediately"
Chris: Why?
Maximilian: We found out you are not millionaires......
Jess and Chris: What!
Maximilian: You are just thousandaries
Ein: Alexa Tell him how rich we are
Alexa: They are very rich rich in friendship but actually they are poor
Jess and Chris ask what they should do
Alexa: Go rob a bank!
Jess and Chris 🤑

by connie saez 3 months ago

Alexa: "Give them money they are not afraid to cry for it"
Me: *Dies of laughter*

by the gacha wiwrdos :3 1 week ago

When I saw the thumbnail I was like: eh...it might be that vid that’s not my type but I’ll look at it.
Then when I saw them dressed as robbers I thought: Nvm I’m watching this

by Mooz3r 5o5 1 day ago

When chris said “hey alexa how do we get rich” MY alexa said “ what are you doing in your life to not get rich”


ME: sHeS sWiMmIng iN hEr sUbS

by Foxie Luna 3 months ago

Remember when Aphmau did everyone’s voice welp it’s back to though’s days

by C C 1 month ago

Him: Your are not millionaires.

by Keigo Takami 3 months ago

Alexa: They are very, very rich in friendship, they are actually poor
Me: Dying of Laughter

Alexa is the ultimate roaster in this video XD

Like if you agree ;)

by Juniper Enos 1 month ago

Chris: "COmFOrT mE GOLD!!!"
Also Chris: "It wasn't MY bear so i don't care-"

by CallieLover101 2 months ago

is everyone just i g n o r i n g the fact that after Ein blows the house up, aphmau f l y s ?

by Jane Vietas 1 month ago

Hey hey I have a Titan ain't who it why you being such to a house but hint him buy it he can buy stuff nothing you can buy it

by Greg Diesel 23 hours ago

2019 Jess: dramatic deaths and sadness and MSS6
2020 Jess: Chris screams, Jess pranks, and Pierce’s strange plans

by yagirlteony 3 months ago

ein: alexa how do we get rich

my alexa * awnsers it *

by wishm 2 months ago

Thousand heirs it's not even a thing come on someone help me I can't eat pumpkin Luigi squeegee no God please no no no

by Rodrigo Pindot 1 month ago

"But you know how this works"
"How-h-how does it works?"
"The man: **Steals like them**"
Me: They regret it They stole too

by ClozyLee 2 months ago

If you’re a millionaire you can’t be compared to gazillion air.

by Aayan_ Kc 1 month ago

Ein: we are in the future-


by Itz_Zaya 3 months ago

If you goes and takes your next teddy bear I'll going to track down where he is and use my Sharp

by Cassie Fisher 1 month ago

Youtube: Since this isnt funny imma not put it in thick letters

by Lisa Bourque 2 weeks ago


by Trent Gooden 2 weeks ago

ahpmau: gold is better than dimond
next vid: dimond is better than gold
me: which!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

by Gab :D 2 weeks ago

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