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NEW Totems Minecraft SHOULD ADD!

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You know the BASIC Totem Of Undying, now check out these SIX TOTEMS that are SUPER COOL and give you powers that are TOO OP!
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"More Totems of Undying" by cyborg_pigeon on Curse Forge!.
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Aphmau photo 1 NEW Totems Minecraft SHOULD ADD! Aphmau photo 2 NEW Totems Minecraft SHOULD ADD! Aphmau photo 3 NEW Totems Minecraft SHOULD ADD! Aphmau photo 4 NEW Totems Minecraft SHOULD ADD!

Andy/Garroth: "I WILL SLAY YOU WITH MY FATHERS STICK!"Me: "Ummm . . . UMMMM. . ."

by Foxtail 5 months ago

Andy towards Jess: "Your gonna become an angel!!!"Me: "She's already an angel she's Jess!"Also me: *Sees top left* "Aw i thought I was being original!"

by Foxtail 5 months ago

Jess “Basic Totom boring!!!”
Totom “how many times did I save you from Arron in hardcore Minecraft?

Edit: oh my goodness!! Thanks you so much for the likes! I have never gotten likes and replies before!

by Elizabeth O 5 months ago

You missed the perfect opportunity to say "We'll bee right back"

by Gummi 5 months ago

Andy towards Jess: "Your gonna become an angel!!!"
Me: "She's already an angel she's Jess!"

by Foxtail 5 months ago

Andy: "I will slay you with my father's stick."
Me:"u-um excuse me Andy your father's what?"

by Avocado Wolf 5 months ago

I lost it when Jess was cheering on Andy to hit/kill her with arrows

by Foxtail 5 months ago

being such an aphmau fan that whenever she uploads you click it faster than sonic can run

by 1.朝の花 5 months ago

"Battle of the bees"
Me: Sounds awesome!
*Tries to buy tickets*
Me: Ah, when is it coming out??

by Harper Hornbeck 1 months ago

Not a single soul:
Aphmau: so the totem is boring!

by Ice Stars 5 months ago

Andy: "I will slay you with my father's stick!"
Andy: "GO MY BEES!!!"
Omg Andy. What the heck?
Nooooo Andy! Why the baby bee?! 😢🐝
She already is an angel. Gosh! Awwwww was that Jason? ❤💜
Jess: "Goodbye mortal!" Lol
Lol Andy 😂😂😂
Omigosh YASSS! That is the greatest "We'll be right back" things I've ever seen in one of these videos!!!
Andy: "Oh my faaaace!!!"
I think my favorite totems were the squid totem and the bee totem.

by Kaelyn Emily 4 months ago

Every time someone went blind Mac would punch them and say “Why are you hitting yourself?”, but when she went blind she was so confused as to what was happening🤣

by Lulu Heninger 5 months ago

Don’t need to add that she is a angel because we already know u are one

WE LOVE YOU APHMAU!!!!!!💗love and like for those who love aphmau👇

by Jeff Smith 5 months ago

Me: yes! Reference to the baldi's basics video when Jason had to explain negative numbers to Jess! 😆

by Isabel finnis 5 months ago

Comments: 12
Me: Can I see them?
YouTube: In the name of Irene begone tHoT.

by -Stickers are Awesome- 5 months ago

I'm the only one that heard a inking girl voice from splatoon the start of the video?

by Fridis Chi 5 months ago

me:drinks orange juice*
andy: i will slay you with my Father’s Stick!
me:spits out orange juice and dies of laughter *🤣🤣🤣

by Akinej Softie 4 months ago

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