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My SECRET Girl Puppy PRANK In Minecraft!

Aphmau photo 1 My SECRET Girl Puppy PRANK... Aphmau photo 2 My SECRET Girl Puppy PRANK... Aphmau photo 3 My SECRET Girl Puppy PRANK... Aphmau photo 4 My SECRET Girl Puppy PRANK...

When Noi just started saying how he would like to hold Aph's hand, like tbh you are very pretty!

(EDIT) tysm for likes I've never had that much likes♡♥♡

by alisha lillypad UwU 2 months ago

Lines that made me laugh:"NOI IS HOT"
"I mean she(aphmau) is but"

by Luangachawolf 14 1 month ago

Pierce:the hot is Noi! Noi is hot, wait.
Pierce: that came out wrong...
Noi: well shucks Pierce! laughs cutely
Noi is adorable:3

by Giana Cline 2 months ago

Pierce: "Noi Is Hawt! Oh Wait..That Came Out Wrong."
Noi: "Why Shuck's Pierce."
- Noi 2020

by Sophie_ Da_ Foxy 1 month ago

Noi, hand down, is one of my favourite characters.
I’m not saying he’s number one. I very much like all of them for different reasons.
But Noi is my spirit animal-

by BottleCapPencel 1 month ago

Noi: NOPE! I’m going to play with the puppies!
Ein and Pierce: FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!
Noi. No no, Uncle Pierce and Uncle Ein are having a fight but DON’T WORRY.

by yagirlteony 2 months ago

( ) aphmau: Places the fleas as a dog

by Xahlia Burston 2 months ago

Enought of talking noi is hot,anyways here what i tell you:

Noi is the 1st person to die from fleas 😐

by Alfox Crew 2 months ago

Noi's reaction to hearing about the puppy's like, " Oh my god your dog had PUPPY'S " so pure

by Zoe Love 2 months ago

And I’m going to be getting a puppy and her name is Elly

by Brittany Lozano 2 months ago

“That’s what you get calling my dogs s*”

-Aphmua 2020

by Zafibella Figueroa 2 months ago

Me: why did noi said a she's saying every time aaaaaaaa

by Reynald Caballero 1 month ago

“That’s a lot of flea~hes”
Me : Micheal Jackson? ._.

by Alex_XD :D 1 month ago

Me:noi can’t be that’s sweet-
Noi: * is sweet *
Me: heck-

by Raegan Norville 2 months ago

the hot is orange,which means the hot is noi. Noi is hot. WAI- wait that came out wrong

by Rikie Leia 1 month ago

I love ur videos when I’m bored watch u always
And make me sleep .w.

by Daniah Sh 1 month ago

When noi was freaking out over the the puppies I was like Oh my god ! I love his voice

by Jim Pemberton 1 month ago

Noi: I mean, I would like to hold her hand

Me: do I smell a crush or no?

by Unicorn Crafter 72 1 month ago

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