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My SECRET Cute Kitten PRANK In Minecraft!

Aphmau photo 1 My SECRET Cute Kitten PRANK... Aphmau photo 2 My SECRET Cute Kitten PRANK... Aphmau photo 3 My SECRET Cute Kitten PRANK... Aphmau photo 4 My SECRET Cute Kitten PRANK...

pierce:its the cutest unblinking cat I've ever seen

by Hxnn_Art 2 months ago

Aphmau : she is the nicest person
Kawaii chan : making a trap for Ein
Me : mhm very nice~

by Kitty Drawls 1 month ago

Her: it’s a cute (morden?) cat
Me: and a bird lover

by Mable Wong 2 weeks ago

Aphmau: Imma go to da minesssss
everyone else: everyone watch out for her pets

by Lily C. 2 weeks ago

Pier's: KITTYYYYYYY: siren head:what's that sound:

by Paz Redobllado 1 month ago

Honestly I'm shocked they haven't caught on by now lmao😂

by Fen & Cleia 1 month ago

I love how she said right on the spot WHO PUT THAT DOWN

by Miss Pooh 1 month ago

Why are the location and their houses always different Everytime?do they change world's?just wanna know qwq

by ღGray_ wolfzღ 1 month ago

Minecraft Teacher: Aphmau! Where are your diamonds?

Aphmau: Uhhh, My cat ate them.

Teacher: Wut?

by AvaGalaxy Gachas 2 months ago

That. Is the cutest thing I've ever seen in mincraft. Second cutest out of everything in the whole universe. I whant this in my minecraft world.

by Haily Reichel 1 month ago

“Cutes unblinking cat*: kawi-chann. Kestin:SHE HAS THE EYES OF A D E M O N

by Makyis Smith 1 month ago

when will her friends ever realize nobody can mine that much.
(I know they probably might be acting)

by SaiExee 1 month ago

To be fair, Ein did it to Kawaii~Chan first. I like how she’s still the nice one :)

by Little Cookie 1 month ago

Aph: "just follow the cat it's not hard!"
Pierce and Ein: *porcupines*

by Phoenix Rose 1 month ago

Me: Aw cute cat

When cat gives people the karma they deserve.

My gravestone: Died of overflowing cuteness from a karma nyan cat

by Destiny Shadows 1 month ago

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by J Nanquilada 2 weeks ago

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