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I spent a day with kidnapping survivors to learn about their horrifying experiences and how their lives have changed since escaping.
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by AnthonyPadilla 4 days ago

In my opinion even one day is terrible and awful..

by Marie Harris 2 days ago

Saying “iT wAs oNlY fOuR daYs” is like saying they only cut off your feet and only ONE of your hands you have your other hand your fine

by Allison Ayotte 2 days ago

So since everyone is sharing their story, I’m gonna share mine.

I didn’t get kidnapped but something disturbing happened. Let me explain

I was with a friend of mine at the playground, she just playing on the swing and I was near some trees. At a certain point a guy comes next to me and says “hey, wanna see a magic trick?” I thought I was in one of those shows where people make magic in the streets to strangers, so I said yes and he told me to put my hand in his pocket, I did that and I... thouched his d***, which was extremely disgusting, he then fakes doing phone call and walks away, still shocked I got to my friend and I tell her everything, funny thing it happened the same thing to her so we go to our parents and tell them the story, so they called the police and that bitch got to prison, next day I was called to do a testimony. I was SO UNCOMFORTABLE cause I didn’t really know what was happening.

Well that was my story, keep an eye on your kids.

by mega simp 2 days ago

“She was not seriously hurt” as if being raped multiple times isn’t bad enough wtf

by Nisone Norgren 1 day ago

Stupid people: ONly fOUr dAYs

Could be just me but I’m pretty sure any amount of time spent being tortured in a basement is too much time spent being tortured in a basement.

by Human that exist 4 days ago

“Only four days, that isn’t that bad” it is not okay to minimize or compare trauma. All trauma is horrible and all trauma survivors are immensely strong.

by Memma 2 days ago

"it was only 4 days"... I got sexually assaulted for just under 15 minutes and it permanently changed me as person and made my whole outlook on life different, not only that, my sexual assaulter got ZERO punishment for what he did to me. Imagine getting kidnapped for 4 days and your kidnapper/r*pist/assaulter barely getting any jail time. Even a few minutes can change someone entirely. Stop excusing the kidnappers behavior and realize that no matter how long something occurred, there will ALWAYS be some form of trauma.
Edit: I wanna also acknowledge the immense fear women/men face after seeing their kidnapper/r*pist/assaulter. These women are so brave for being able to face them in court proudly. For me personally, he works at my local grocery store so I have to see him all the time. I always feel very unsafe and tense seeing him waltz around as a free man. It was to the point I refused even working at that grocery store because I didn't want to see him.

by Hestiaa 2 days ago

Those people who say 'ONLY 4 days?!' Need to be told: '96 hours.blank minutes blank seconds...' I'm sure some people here have stared at a clock in a classroom and said 'Ugh, still 25 minutes?' Anything unenjoyable can feel like forever and with cases like this I couldnt even begin to imagine.

by JustJade 2 days ago

Let's take a moment to remember all the victims of Sexual Assault and Rape
may all the victims that didn't make it out alive Rest In Peace in heaven.
And I hope the survivors can find peace in this world.

ted bundy's known victims:

Lynda Ann Healy
Age: 21
Died: February 1, 1974


Donna Gail Manson
Age: 19
Died: March 12, 1974


Susan Rancourt
Age: 18
Died: April 17, 1974


Roberta Parks
Age: 20
Died: April 17, 1974


Joni Lenz
Age: 18
Survived attack: January 4, 1974


Brenda Carol Ball
Age: 22
Died: June 1, 1974


Georgeann Hawkins
Age: 18
Missing since: June 11, 1974


Denise Naslund
Age: 18
Died: July 14, 1974


Janice Ott
Age: 23
Died: July 14, 1974


Nancy Wilcox
Age: 16
Missing since: October 2, 1974


Laura Aime
Age: 17
Missing since: October 31, 1974


Carol DaRonch
Age: 18
Survived attack: November 8, 1974


Debra Kent
Age: 17
Died: November 8, 1974


Caryn Campbell
Age: 23
Died: January 12, 1975


Julie Cunningham
Age: 26
Died: March 15, 1975


Denise Oliverson
Age: 24
Missing since: April 6, 1975


Melanie Cooley
Age: 18
Died: April 15, 1975


Lynette Culver
Age: 12
Missing since: May 6, 1975


Susan Curtis
Age: 15
Missing since: June 27, 1975


Margaret Bowman
Age: 21
Died: January 15, 1978


Lisa Levy
Age: 20
Died: January 15, 1978


Kathy Kleiner
Age: 20
Attacked: January 15, 1978


Cheryl Thomas
Age: 21
Attacked: January 15, 1978


Kimberly Leach
Age: 12
Died: February 9, 1978


Karen Chandler
Age: 22
Attacked: January 15, 1978

jeffrey dahmer's known victims:

Stephen Hicks, 18: June 1978 🙏
Steven Tuomi, 26: September 1987 🙏
Jamie Doxtator, 14: October 1987 🙏
Richard Guerrero, 25: March 1988 🙏
Anthony Sears, 24: February 1989 🙏
Eddie Smith, 36: June 1990 🙏
Ricky Beeks, 27: July 1990 🙏
Ernest Miller, 22: September 1990 🙏
David Thomas, 23: September 1990 🙏
Curtis Straughter, 16: February 1991 🙏
Errol Lindsey, 19: April 1991 🙏
Tony Hughes, 31: May 24, 1991 🙏
Konerak Sinthasomphone, 14: May 27, 1991 🙏
Matt Turner, 20: June 30, 1991 🙏
Jeremiah Weinberger, 23: July 5, 1991 🙏
Oliver Lacy, 23: July 12, 1991 🙏
Joseph Bradeholt, 25: July 19, 1991 🙏

Confirmed victims of Marc Dutroux:

Sylvie D., 11, 17 October 1985, abducted and raped
Maria V., 19, 17 October 1985, abducted and raped
Catherine B., 18, 17th 1986, abducted and raped
Élisabeth G., 15, 18 December 1985, abducted, raped, Dutroux took videos and pictures of her
Axelle D., 14 December 1985, abducted and raped
Mélissa Russo, 8, 24 June 1995, abducted and imprisoned, died of starvation and dehydration, found in Sars-la-Buissiere
Julie Lejeune, 8, 24 June 1995, abducted and imprisoned, died of starvation and dehydration, found in Sars-la-Buissiere
An Marchal, 17, 23 August 1995,[7] abducted, imprisoned and raped, buried alive after being wrapped in plastic,[8] found August 1996
Eefje Lambrecks, 19, 23 August 1995,[7] abducted, imprisoned and raped, buried alive after being wrapped in plastic,[8] found August 1996
Sabine Dardenne, 12, 28 May 1996, abducted, chained by neck for 79 days and raped repeatedly
Laetitia Delhez, 14, 9 August 1996, abducted, chained to bed and raped for four days

And to many other victims, may they all Rest in Peace in heaven ❤️

Note: those are just some of the thousands of known victims of the attacks that has been recorded.

Let's add more names to remember, please write them in the comments below and let's remember and pray for them.


by FUA 1 day ago

Love how Anthony respects everyone who is on his show no matter their situation or wellbeing

by Nikita Djandjgava 4 days ago

Alicia is in her 30s but she looks 18. She’s thriving😍

by Molly G 1 day ago

4 days in situations like that feels like YEARS. THAT IS BAD

by Andrea Ruiz 2 days ago

jans story is on netflix “abducted in plain sight” IT WAS CRAZY

by Kenzi Forbis 2 days ago

Anthony saved himself by Not saying "The wondrous world of Kidnapping survivors

by Jesus Christ 2 days ago

So many people downplay and blame these women because they don't want to think that something like this could happen to them. We need to stop victim blaming and downplaying the impact of abuse.

by Christy Rivera 4 days ago

I know Jan's story, it's bonkers. I can't imagine being brainwashed like that at such a young age and experiencing everything else that she experienced. And Alicia's story is also horrifying. I can't believe somebody would actually think that four days '"was not so bad". If you are in a situation like that, it doesn't make it any less horrible. It probably seems like forever and she might have been dead if the police didn't come.

by Karin Schecter 2 days ago

“4 days isn’t that bad”

Imagine being in a dark room, chained up and vulnerable, alone, constantly being taken advantage of and beaten- having your torture streamed to people online- and knowing you probably will never leave that room again alive.

I think that would be a very. long. 96 hours.

by Anonymous Subconsciousness 1 day ago

The phrase "At least it wasn't..." or "... isn't that bad" is very close to my heart because my mom was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer (a week more and it would have been stage four) three years ago and people would legitimately say "At least it wasn't stage 4" or "breast cancer isn't that bad" and it was probably the most insensitive thing I have ever seen. My mom went through an immense amount of pain and even though she's okay now, she is still in so much pain every day. DON'T EVER say these phrases to anyone, no matter how easy their situation seems to you because you do not know how deep that pain really goes.

by Haleighb 💕 1 day ago

Hearing about the grandpa’s “special one” is so incredibly disturbing. A grandfather doing this disgusting acts to his grandchildren,, smh

by TomboyRaider101 1 day ago

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