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I spent a day with FRONTLINE HEALTH WORKERS (Doctor, Nurse, Scientist)

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I spent a day with healthcare workers learn what it’s like working on the frontlines during this devastating pandemic.
🦠 100% of profits from this video will be donated to #FIRSTRESPONDERSFIRST to provide essential supplies, equipment and resources to protect these heroic healthcare workers. More info: http://thriveglobal.com/firstresponders - Consider donating by texting FIRST to 50555
🧨HUGE thank you to, ▸ Katie - http://instagram.com/katiecapano
▸ Dr. Shailey Prasad - “Physical distance and believe in science!”
▸ Dr. Rudy Tanzi - http://curealz.org
▸ CORONAVIRUS SURVIVORS - https://youtu.be/QzcZBR6lwSg
▸ MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES (Dissociative Identity Disorder) - https://youtu.be/ek7JK6pattE
▸ 911 EMERGENCY DISPATCHERS - https://youtu.be/go5GWjmyI3M
▸ Creator, Director, Writer, etc. - Anthony Padilla
▸ Production Coordinator, Co-writer & Research - Elise Felber
▸ Executive Producer - Alessandra Catanese
▸ Director of Photography/Gaffer - Zach Zeidman
▸ Editor - Mike Criscimagna
▸ Assistant Editor - Patrick Horba
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🦠 100% of profits from this video will be donated to . more info in description.
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by AnthonyPadilla 5 months ago

A minute of silence for those people who died to help us live.

by ships chips 5 months ago

You should make “I spent a day with people that are in quarantine alone.” My husband is deployed, so I’ve gotten used to the loneliness, but now I cannot seek any human interaction at all. I haven’t seen anyone since March 16th. I live in Hawaii, and my family is in Louisiana. My grandfather actually passed away due to the virus. I want people to know they’re only alone physically, but do not have to feel lonely.

by Rebecca Frazier 5 months ago

I love Katie's coffee mug: Midwife at your cervix. haha!

by Johannesburg777 5 months ago

The US healthcare system is a joke. I’m an American who’s been living in Europe for 10 years and it’s one of the main things preventing me from coming back.

by Kat B 5 months ago

I like that you included an actual researcher as opposed to just doctors and nurses who directly work with patients. I feel like they don't get as much credit as they should.

by Nick Tokar 5 months ago

Zach from the try guys had his girlfriend Maggie who is a nurse test positive for corona (he was on the immune compromised video). They had to go to completely separate houses for two weeks. Luckily all is well now, Maggie’s symptoms only lasted a couple of days and Zach never got it. I have so much respect for frontline health care workers like Maggie for putting their lives at risk daily amidst this crisis and putting others before themselves.

by Teehee Hello 5 months ago

Here in Mexico, doctors and nurses are getting chlorine thrown at them in their own homes. People in rural places still believe the virus is “made up by the government” and are definitely not in quarantine. Even some people are going inside hospitals claiming they are injecting their infected loved ones in order to kill them purposely. Things are out of control.

by Karen P 5 months ago

"Politics and finances are the biggest barrier to care" PREACH

by Alex Converse 5 months ago

I have a parent in the healthcare field at a Massachusetts hospital and this is showing how it's not as calm as people think. Thank you for this video.

by Helena K. 5 months ago

Universal healthcare should apply to all people not just citizens. Citizenship and documentation is inaccessible to so many people because of financial and political barriers. They are still human beings who deserve treatment and medicine. Any one of us could be in that position and we should be taking care of each other.

by Clare 5 months ago

Imagine disliking a video that is donating all its money to health workers who are saving thousands of lives.

by Abdullah Mustafa 5 months ago

"I cry everyday" lol me too , medical field is crazy

by Cookie yo 5 months ago

I want to say that “it’s just our job” doesn’t make sense to me. Even in normal circumstances not a lot of people are willing to take a risk and be health worker, it’s a hard profession with a lot of responsibility! And now in pandemic it’s even scarier of a job. I just want for her to think about it, that not every person not even every fifth or tenth would be brave enough to take this risk! People who are willing to go to their job, risk their health, life and take such a responsibility- those people are heroes!

by Elli Pullinen 5 months ago

Hearing about the American Health Care System as an Australian scares me, I honestly really feel for anyone in America who doesn't have access to proper health care.

by Basicallykristy 5 months ago

I’d love to meet Anthony, he seems like such an understanding genuine person, it’s lovely watching him create a connection with the people he meets and making them feel at ease to open up

by Liv 5 months ago

History classes in 2050 be showing Anthony’s videos

by Needs Bread 5 months ago

Anthony! Idea! What about interviewing Coronavirus Non-believers?? 😱

by Lilibeth C. M. V. 5 months ago

Isn’t it ironic that people who work in healthcare and people who work jobs that are usually scorned or ridiculed or seen as inferior are literally the people who have been keeping the world afloat and we’re now calling them “essential workers”?

Anyway, thank you to all the healthcare workers all over the world sacrificing so much to save us. Bless.

by Manubibi 5 months ago

When the scientist was talking about how he hopes this selflessness continues it really upset me. So many people are being incredibly selfish about this. Hoarding resources, going out with people, protests. It just really shows how awful people are to be that disgustingly selfish.

by Mad Dis 5 months ago

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