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I spent a day with FAMOUS BEAUTY GURUS (James Charles, Glam&Gore, Patrick Starrr)

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I spent a day with famous beauty gurus to learn the truth about this elusive lifestyle.
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NOTE: this video was shot before the very necessary quarantine. please stay home and stay safe. i am currently shooting episodes remotely with CORONAVIRUS SURVIVORS and many other important topics. updates soon.
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by AnthonyPadilla 6 months ago

anthony pretending he doesn’t know mykie.

👁👄👁 “i would never”

by katherine 6 months ago

Alternative title: Interviewing James and Patrick and flirting with my girlfriend

by Noon_Sunflower 4 months ago

I didn’t realise Mykie and Anthony we’re dating and when she did that lipstick move it really shocked me! I thought she was brave as hell

by Lavina Nine 4 months ago

"You have five seconds"
James Charles: my time has come

by Titania Kirkland 3 months ago

Anthony and Mykie: been dating for months
Anthony and Mykie: *shaking hands like it's the first time they've met*🤣

by Julia Johansson 4 months ago

Thanks for having me on your show! It was so nice to spend a day with you! Slide into my DMs if you wanna go out sometime

by Glam&Gore 6 months ago

James Charles has been training for that 5 second promo their entire life. Sister speaks at the speed of LiGHt

by Kylie Coker 3 months ago

I love the fact that Mykie is wearing hoops in her gauges

by Jordyn 4 months ago

Anthony and Mike being the cutest couple ever timestamps:


by Polita Art 4 months ago

"Ones beautiful, especially one in particular" omg, is he hitting on Patrick?

by Charlotte Haring 3 months ago

Anthony needs to do a “I Spend A Day With Mom’s From Nebraska” now.

by 1esor2 4 months ago

Anthony acting like he doesn’t know mykie:

by Jenna Winchester 4 months ago

James be scared to offend: "wE lOvE tHe mOmS iN nEbRaSkA" lol

by Hannah Aba 4 months ago

Patrick: "Growing up as a Filipino-American boy, the path was nursing."

Damn, many asian and mixed-asian kids felt that.

by littlemiss 918 2 months ago

Anthony acting like Mykie isn't his girlfriend is so funny lmao

by Ashley Mae 6 months ago

Can we just talk about how absolutely beautiful mykie is!!!

by Shannon Kelly 3 months ago

Why is nobody talking about the shade Anthony threw at Jeffery star😂 I was just like Ooo Tea ☕️👀

by Luann26650 4 months ago

I love how his mood changes when he’s in front of mykie all he does is smile and laugh 😂

by Gabby Julian 2 months ago

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