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The Last of Us Part II - Angry Review

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AngryJoe & OtherEllie venture into the apocalypse once again to Review The Last of Us Part II, a sequel to a game we gave a 10/10 Legendary Rating to! How does this follow-up fair? Find out!
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I’ve been waiting for this more than the game lol

by TheTruth0492 1 months ago

The ending was garbage. The Prophet wasn't even in the game. Ellie didn't even kill Abby or Ellie didn't even die. So stupid. What a waste of time.
P.S. I gave this a 6/10 as well.

by Daniel Smith IV 21 hours ago

IGN loses the argument when instead of debating they accuse critics of being homophobes and bigots. They're like children. This is the same IGN which dishes out 10/10 scores to unfinished, confused garbage. They have zero integrity.

by Mikey Saint 1 weeks ago

Joe is not even angry or mad, just tired, sad and disappointed

by Call me Ayrton 1 weeks ago

I tried my hardest to not kill npcs during the game, so they don't make a third game based on that

by Elamigo 2 weeks ago

Since Sony was ok with this game having a hardcore s** scene. We have to demand Sony to uncensor all the japanese games they gutted these last years.

by Regular Person 1 months ago

I'm convinced Mel (pregnant lady) was written into the story by a man or a childless woman. NO mother who was pregnant a few months would've said "Oh yeah, when I was 7 months along, I totally was ready to fight some Zombies and soldiers!" You feel tired, your feet are swollen, you need to pee every other minute and eat like a horse. Gunning down some people during a gang war isn't exactly high on the list of priorities at that point.

by Sakisasvictorianmask 2 weeks ago

The amount of positive reviews on this game and the amount of people who say that anyone giving it a negative review means you’re a homophobic bigot makes me want to vomit.

by Absolute 3 days ago

"We didn't wait seven-plus years to play as Abby." That says it all.

by Dennis V 2 weeks ago

AngryJoe: 40 minutes of pure argument
Ign: Homophobe.

by NxBad 4 days ago

“There was a sequel. Wasn’t as good.” - Joel

by Lucas Avila 1 months ago

The Last of Us Part III: Play as the owner of a dog ellie killed in seattle, going full John Wick across the United States to exact vengeance!

by JMB 1 weeks ago

I like the dogs more than I like a single character in this game.

by Kevin Donnelly 1 weeks ago

Remember the Rat king we killed? yeah well one of the people in that bundle of zombies was actually related to the villain of the next game.

by Max B 5 days ago

Sad that The Last Of Us never got a sequel, it's a really good game

by Nicholas S 1 weeks ago

I love that Joe doesn't give a $#!t about companies giving him grief over perfect scores. He gives his truth and I respect him for it. We love you Joe!

by Vox 96 1 months ago

“NO! Abby’s getting FAWKED!

10/10 IGN

by holitinne 5 days ago

I cannot agree with you more. I remember watching the trailers and thinking that the plot was that Dinah died and Ellie was seeking revenge against her killers. And Joel is trying to find Ellie to stop her from becoming like him.

by Joshua Bryant 1 weeks ago

I'm surprised they didn't have you play as Abby while killing Joel.

by Schools 2 weeks ago

Joe's improvised story is already leagues ahead of this story.

by Ashish Tiluk 5 days ago

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