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Stacey Abrams vs Ron DeSantis | 2024 Election Prediction

#News & Politics
In this video I give my 2024 election prediction between Stacey Abrams and Ron DeSantis
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Hi! I’m American Election Predictions. On my channel I go over politics relating to elections. I make predictions for the soonest elections and take looks at America’s political shifts then, now, and in the future.
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Useful Information, I use Yapms.com for my election maps, https://www.yapms.com/​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​...​
My margins are, Tilt: 0-0.9
Lean: 1-5
Likely: 5.1-14.9
Safe: 15+
I make my thumbnails using google slides, then I screenshot them, put them in Canva, and download them.
Most of the maps that you see are either my election maps (Yapms.com), custom maps (Mapchart.net), or on Canva (canva.com).

American Election Predictions photo 1 Stacey Abrams vs Ron DeSantis... American Election Predictions photo 2 Stacey Abrams vs Ron DeSantis... American Election Predictions photo 3 Stacey Abrams vs Ron DeSantis... American Election Predictions photo 4 Stacey Abrams vs Ron DeSantis...

Make the 4 rust belts states each 1 notch worse (flipping WI in the process), keep CO likely, make NE-01 safe, NE-02 lean, NV tilt, and OR and NJ potentially likely, then I'd agree. Nice vid.

by Neil Dixit 1 day ago

Black turnout was 68% in NC if it gets over 70% the GOP is doomed. Black turnout in Milwaukee is 78% and 75% in GA vs 74% from white voters. Nationwide black voters out turned out black voters. So yes black turnout is high in every state but it’s not as high in NC as it is in GA, PA, WI, and MI. In 2012 black voters had almost as 76% turnout in NC. So if they can do that I believe Kamala would get at least 70%. That would easily be more than 70,000 votes.

by langston terry 1 day ago

Only 30,000 more black voters voted in 2020 vs 2012 google black turnout North Carolina.

by langston terry 1 day ago

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