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Welcome guys in this video I will discuss NIO stock earnings and a strategy to use in this earnings. I have uncovered some very good information that will completely rerate NIO stock..
I believe NIO will change forever after the 2 huge upcoming catalysts that will set NIO towards its Journey to 10x growth. NIO is an easy money stock. At the end of this video I will also outline my complete earnings trading strategy to maximize our profit from NIO stock.
DISCLAIMER: Note that I am not a financial adviser and you should do your own due diligence before making any decision. I just share my views. I do not recommend basing any investment decisions on my videos. My videos are only made for educational and entertainment purposes.
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NIO Signs HUGE Deal + ARK Invest Buying NIO???
NIO Signs HUGE Deal + ARK Invest Said This About NIO???
NIO Signs HUGE Deal + ARK Invest Said THIS About NIO!

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Alpha Max Partners photo 1 $NIO Q4 EARNINGS UPDATE -... Alpha Max Partners photo 2 $NIO Q4 EARNINGS UPDATE -... Alpha Max Partners photo 3 $NIO Q4 EARNINGS UPDATE -... Alpha Max Partners photo 4 $NIO Q4 EARNINGS UPDATE -...

Nice strategy. But after today's dip better to sale $40 out of money puts....instead of $45. By the way great explanation. 👍👍

by Rizwan Ashraf 1 month ago

I started investing in stocks earlier this year, but because of the corona outbreak I've lost pretty much all of my profit. My biggest positions are in TSLA, 3M and JNJ + a few small positions. Thoughts on selling some of it and buy in again after it potentially drops more, or keep everything and buy small positions during the dips? I currently work a lot of overtime and don't have time to focus on the market.

by 212 trader 1 month ago

NIO is bleeding me the past 3 weeks but i know it's sale day this week after march 1st it will go shoot on

by Zack Mack 1 month ago

Thanks, great video. Subscribed and liked. Do you mean we should rather buy in after the earnings report, it might go down to ~40 after that?

by Imre Szikora 1 month ago

Do you think this week we still experience red days when we can buy in? They told that some markers showed that these stocks are overpriced and the bubble started to blow, but the prices went back immediately. So I would expect it. What do you "feel" of this?

by Imre Szikora 1 month ago

Nio the bigc car thecnolog ark invest.....150...DÓLARES 2021.the ......2022.....2225.....650..960..DÓLARES the bigc mercado NIo

by Victorio Crevillen Campuzano 1 month ago

Good time to buy it will be 100 end of year good investment they had awesome car

by Pratik Patel 1 month ago

buy now at 48 or after earnings for a short term flip? anyone with advice ?

by PyroApd 1 month ago

Bought more at 42$ today.... if drop to 39, 30 0r 25$ I'll keep buying more.....

by Fabio Teske 1 month ago

I think it will go to $39

by Ott Tham 1 month ago

Sounds good but it's the Aholes bringing prices down for a panic sell support is no longer a factor 😕

by jeff sanchez 1 month ago

Lack of copper is the problem of the upcomimg EV companies, i think Nio will be on top cause its backed by the govt , sinopec company and many more without doubt they can shoot up going toe to toe on tesla with Govt backing it they can probably start a copper mining company just to supply nio

by Night Lethal 1 month ago

I don't believe in Bitcoin. By extension, I don't believe in TSLA. By further extension, my faith in Nio has been shaken. I'll be trimming position after earnings report.

by YuukiRbrn LeClavier 1 month ago

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by Emmanuel MAGANINHO 1 month ago

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